9th Annual Women's Leadership Conference

   March 13, 2015 | 8:30 am-2:00 pm

        The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference Center





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The Women's Leadership Conference is a major annual event that is planned entirely by a student committee, overseen by the Women's Resource Center staff and Advisory Board. Undergraduate and graduate students from all majors are encouraged to apply and serve on one of the following subcommittees: Publicity, Speakers, Registration, Dining coordination, Finance and budget/fundraising, Operations, and Publications. You may also apply to be a co-chair for the committee (oversee and coordinate all sub-committees).


In 2013, the Women's Leadership Conference was a partnership between the Women's Resource Center and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s 100 Women StrongThe conference theme was "Every Woman Connected". The conference opened with a talk given by Bonnie Wilson and Dr. Esther Ngumbi on “Turning Ideas into Opportunities”, in which they spoke about their partnership to bring sustainability to a small village in Kenya. The featured keynote speaker was Casey Robinson, an Auburn University graduate of the College of Engineering who is a civil engineer with Southern Company Transmissions. She is passionate about the development of young women leaders and spoke about goal setting, the importance of hard work, leadership, positioning oneself for opportunities, overcoming failure, and how women can encourage and support one another. She also discussed giving back and why women must encourage and support one another. The conference also featured an assortment of workshops that provided participants with opportunities for personal growth and the development of leadership skills. 

The cost of the 2015 conference will be $25 and includes lunch. If you are a student in financial need of a sponsorship to attend this conference, they are available on a limited basis. Please contact Heather Finch at finchhm@auburn.edu if you would like to be considered for sponsorship.


What the Women's Leadership Conference is:

The WLC is a major annual campus event in March that offers workshops, speakers, and discussion panels aimed at enhancing leadership abilities and providing conference attendees the chance to network with other women leaders. The conference also includes a luncheon honoring Women of Distinction Leadership Award winners to 5 exemplary undergraduate, graduate, staff, faculty, and alumna women. The conference is planned by a student committee led by two co-chairs. These students plan and decide everything from the conference theme and venue to the speakers, workshops, and luncheon menu. This is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience and network with like-minded women to make an impact here at Auburn University. 

Who should attend:

Everyone! We welcome all students, staff, faculty, and community members to attend this powerful and impactful event. Although our attendees tend to be mainly female, we welcome men to come as well and have had several over the years attend. This conference is helpful to anyone who is interested in women's issues and learning some great information within a supportive and fun environment.

Why it’s so great:

The WLC is entirely student planned and executed, with the WRC staff and Advisory Board serving as advisors and assisting the student committee. This group of committed women work to create a conference that addresses the most important and relevant issues facing women today. Serving on the planning committee is an incredible opportunity to gain leadership experience, make connections, build your resume, and add to your overall skill set and experience. Each person brings unique talents and creativity to the process, and we welcome all majors and backgrounds. The conference is gaining wide recognition and continues to grow each year.

How to get involved with planning:

Planning for WLC (which will take place March 13, 2015) will begin in the fall semester. Join one of our planning sub-committees, which include: Publicity, Speakers, Registration, Dining coordination, Finance and budget/fundraising, Operations, and Publications. You may also apply to be a co-chair for the committee (oversee and coordinate all sub-committees). Return completed application to 311 Mary Martin Hall. Though we prefer to receive applications prior to the start of the fall semester, you may submit an application anytime.

Meetings and time commitment:

WLC meetings will initially be held for one hour every week. Some additional sub-committee meetings may take place in the off weeks as needed. Regular email communication will be required.

What students who have attended the conference have said about it:

·  "I will be more active in making the best of my situation and stop talking about what I'll do and actually do it!"

·  "I benefited from being in a positive environment where I can spend time doing self-exploration."

·  "The conference really opened my eyes to things I have been struggling with."

      ·  "Life lessons were shared as well as ways to incorporate those into school."

·  "Stress-management was perfect for this point in my graduate program."

·  "I definitely learned how to integrate life & education with grace!"

·  "Women are my sisters not my enemy, we have to work together to be great leaders."

·  "I'm now more motivated than ever!"

·  "Alexis' [Jones] speech was beyond inspiring, I am still speechless."

·  "[The conference] declared that I can be something or someone in life. I will tell everyone what I have learned!"

Women of Distinction Awards:

Each year at the Women’s Leadership Conference, Auburn University honors an undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty, staff, and alumna who demonstrates exemplary leadership abilities. She leads with heart, creating innovative solutions, while inspiring and uplifting her community. These award winners are recognized at the conference luncheon each year and honored with a certificate of their achievement. 


The Women of Distinction Leadership Awards honor Auburn University women who demonstrate exemplary leadership abilities.  Awardees will be recognized at the Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) Awards Luncheon, Friday, March 13th 2015, at noon.   The deadline for receipt of nominations is Monday, January 26th, 2015, at 4:45 p.m.

1. Faculty Member. Award honors a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities on the campus of Auburn University. Faculty Member Nomination Form

2. Staff Member. Award honors an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities working at Auburn University. Staff Member Nomination Form

3. Graduate Student. Award honors a graduate student currently enrolled at Auburn University who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities. Graduate Student Nomination Form

4. Undergraduate Student. Award honors an undergraduate student currently enrolled at Auburn University who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities. Undergraduate Student Nomination Form

5.  Alumna:  Award honors an Auburn University alumna who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities. Alumna Nomination Form



DEADLINE:  Deadline is Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 4:45 p.m.

Submit a nomination package containing the completed nomination form and the nominee’s vitae or resume.   Nomination forms are attached to this message and are also available on the Women’s Resource Center website at www.auburn.edu/wrc/cm/WLC and can be submitted in electronic or paper versions.  

Please send the nomination package to:

Women’s Resource Center

Women’s Leadership Conference
Attn: Heather Finch
311 Mary Martin Hall


Email: finchhm@auburn.edu

Call Heather Finch at 844-4289 if you have any questions. 


Dr. Donna L. Sollie

Assistant Provost for Women’s Initiatives

Director, Women’s Resource Center

310 Mary Martin Hall

Auburn University

Phone:  334-844-4392

FAX:  334-844-4304; Email:  sollidl@auburn.edu


Past Women of Distinction Award Winners


Faculty: Maria Lujan Auld

Staff: Kim Evans

Graduate Student: Burcu Ozden

Undergraduate Student: Jessica Adams

Alumna: Melanie Barstad


Faculty: Constance Smith Hendricks

Staff: Susan McCallister

Graduate Student: Jennifer Duggan

Undergraduate Student: Mary Catherine Anderson

Alumna: Nelda Lee


Faculty: Anne Gorden

Staff: Cynthia Channell-Butcher

Graduate Student: Amanda Meder

Undergraduate Student: Melanie Smith

Alumna: Carol Godfrey



Faculty: Virginia A. Davis

Staff: Karen L. Veverica

Graduate Students: Emile Ewing

Undergraduate Students: Erica Brooke Brasfield

Alumna: Linda A. Figg, Lauren Hayes



Faculty: Marcia Boosinger

Staff: Barnese Adair- Wallace

Graduate Student: Felicia Tuggle

Undergraduate Student: Ashely Nichols

Alumna: Ruthanna Payne



Faculty: Dr. Kimberly Braxton Lloyd, Cheryl Morgan

Staff: Meredith Jenkins, Kyes Stevens

Graduate Students: Liz Geare, Cassandra Kirkland

Undergraduate Students: Erika Gam, Emma Jane Keller



Faculty: Dr. Sharon Gaber

Special Award for Leadership and Inspiration: Nell Fortner

Students: Whitney Boddie, DeWanna Bonner, Sherell Hobbs, and Trevesha Jackson

Alumna: Dr. Kathryn Thorton