The WISE Institute supports female faculty in STEM in a variety of ways:

Women Faculty Mentoring and Networking Events provide professional development of women faculty through presentations, networking opportunities, and skills building. Monthly lunchs provide information on specific topics of interest.

Leadership Seminars are co-sponsored by WISE each year to bring nationally recognized women such as Dr. Lynn Francesconi, Dr. Judy Kennedy, Dr. Kathryn Thornton, Dr. Jo Handelsman, Dr. Mary Lynn Realff, Dr. Teresa Davis and Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou.

Theatre Presentations have been developed to depict issues women face as they advance within academia using interviews conducted with women faculty and administrators.

Together Embracing Successful Scholars (TESS) talks. This series is based on the popular TED talks, each speaker will provide a  brief presentation about their scholarly work. Following the talks, there will be an opportunity to meet the speakers and share ideas with attendees.  

Topics that are of importance to all faculty are addressed by the Assistant Provost for Women's Initiatives via the Faculty Advancement unit. Topics include dual-career partner hiring, establishment of the Child Care Task Force, and publicizing current work-life policies and programs.


Last Updated: 6/17/2016