Mission & Goals



The mission of the Auburn University Women’s Resource Center is to facilitate the development of leadership skills, to provide information about important issues affecting women’s lives, to enhance the lives of all women at Auburn University by improving the environment in which they learn and work, and to promote the involvement of women (and men) at Auburn University in their communities and around the world.


The Auburn University Women's Resource Center will serve as a centralized hub of information and resources for Auburn's campus on women's initiatives, programs, and issues.

  • To actively work toward fostering a campus environment that nourishes a culturally diverse community, by acknowledging and respecting differences and encouraging acceptance and inclusiveness.
  • To provide opportunities to support individual and organizational growth and development of students, faculty, and staff, including leadership opportunities.
  • To promote a campus environment in which all persons can feel safe.
  • To collaborate with other campus units to provide programs and services that will enhance the lives of women at Auburn University, empower them, and explore gender-related issues.
  • To advocate for inclusive policies and procedures throughout the university.