Connections Groups


Breast Cancer Connections is a support group for those affected by breast cancer. The group meets once a month in the WRC conference room. Call 334-844-4399 for meeting times or for more information. 

Between Women is a support group for women who are lesbian, bisexual, questioning, or for women who are supportive of LGBTI issues. This group meets once a month in the WRC conference room. Contact Bonnie Wilson at or 334-844-4797.

Mission Statement: The purpose of Between Women is to bring both straight and LGBT (including “male to female” transgendered) women together to discuss women’s issues in the classroom, work place, media, and other aspects of life. Between Women is also meant to serve a source of support for women of all sexual orientations.

Motivation: Sadly, women are oftentimes given the stigma of being “catty” with each other. Between Women is meant to counteract this mentality and allow us as women to instead come together to lift each other up. Even in 2013, women in the United States are not paid as much as their male counterparts, only a minute amount of Fortune 500 companies (4%) are run by women, and nearly one in five undergraduate women have survived an attempted or effective sexual assault. Now more than ever, we as women need to come together and stand strong. We can accomplish this by working to understand the realities women face and realizing that all women, regardless of their sexual orientation, are united by their femininity.