Women's Resource Center Advisory Board


The Women’s Resource Center is supported by our Advisory Board, which is comprised of staff, faculty, and community members who are passionate about women’s issues and support the WRC mission. Members of the Advisory Board assist with the mission of the WRC by serving on the following committees: Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Finance, Conference and Awards, Programs and Events, Communications and Marketing. These committees meet several times throughout the year as needed to assist with programs and events.

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Board member or would like to nominate someone else to be a member, please email Dr. Donna Sollie at sollidl@auburn.edu.


                 Current Advisory Board Members

Shakeer Abdullah           

Barnese Adair-Wallace 

Francesca Adler-Baeder               

Ingrid Ann

 Debra Armstrong-Wright            

Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd

Mitchell Brown

Barry Burkhart  

Cynthia Channell-Butcher

Laura Cooper

Kim Evans

Arianne Gaetano            

Carolyn Golden

Laura Grill           

Linda Gross

Kellie Guthrie   

Lynne Hammond            

Doug Hankes    

Amy Hecht

Nakeisha Hicks 

Peggy Howland

Harriette Huggins

Mary Isbell         

Katie Jackson    

Fred Kam

Jennifer Kerpelman       

Jacque Kochak 

Jay Lamar           

Bonnie Macewan            

Kristy Malone   

Jane Moore       

Marcia Moulton Glover

Emily Myers      

Laura Newland-Hill         

Anne Penney   

Joel Pittard        

Carol Roberson

Christiana Russell            

Sheri Schumacher

Debbie Shaw    

Abby Shapiro    

Suhyun Suh       

Kyra Sutton       

Chippewa Thomas

Neali Vann         

Teresa Vest       

Danilea Werner               

Bonnie Wilson  

Donna Young