Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 Awardees

 Intramural Grant Program Awardees

2012/2013 IGP Awards
Level I
Byahut, Sweta APLA CADC Influence of Built-form and food access on obesity
Cao, Guanqun Math/Stat COSAM Spline Estimation of Integral Curves for Diffusion MRI
Cattley, Russell Pathobiology CVM Proof-of-concept Evaluation of Drug-induced Vascular Injury in Zebrafish
Du, Yifeng DBS COSAM The Topology and Functions of p62 in Mitochondria
Hunt, Stacy Poli. Sci. CLA

The Beauty of State Construction: The Power of Pageantry in

Contemporary Columbia

Lee, Yee Ming NDHM CHS Restaurants' Preparedness for Food Allergies
McNulty, Christopher Art CLA Outside In:  Sculpting Space
Moss, Anthony DBS COSAM Studies of Ctenophore Invasion of Mobile Bay
Mullins, Iris Nursing SoN

Health Concerns and Health Promotion Practices of Commercial Truck


Qian, Jingjing Parm. Care Sys. HSoP

Trends in Psychiatric Emergency Department Visits for young Medicare

Enrolees in 2005-2008

Rashotte, Aaron Bio. Sci. COSAM Transcript Examination of Vascular Specific Cells
Level II
Brown, Onikia NDHM CHS

A Community Assessment of Milk and Milk Product Consumption of

African Americans in Alabama

Martin, David S. NDHM CHS Sports Branding and Marketing in the Human Brain
Schwartz, Elizabeth DBS COSAM Food Borne Infection with Listeria monocytogenes
Ulrich, Pamela NDHM CHS

Children's Body Image Scale Validation and Anthropometrics for

Obesity Assessment

van Santon, Vicky Pathobiology CVM Identification of Receptor for Avian Infections
Level III
Calderon, Angela Pharmacal Sci. HSoP

Toward New Anti-TB Drugs: Uncovering Mechanistically Appropriate

Inhibitors of MtSK from Natural Products

Cheng, Zhongyang Materials/  Mechanical SGCoE Development of New Smart Materials from Woody Biomass
Denney, Thomas ECE SGCoE

31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Canine and Human

Heart at 7 Tesla

Easley, Christopher J. Chem/Biochem COSAM

Surface Dynamics of a Highly Sensitive and Versatile Protein

Quantitation Method, the Electrochemical Proximity Assay (ECPA)

Sankar, Chetan Aviation & Supply Chain Mngt. CoB Patient Safety:  Transfer of Learning from Simulation to Clinical Practice
Level IV
Arnold, Robert Pharmacal Sci. HSoP

Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) Triple

Quadrapole (QQQ) Mass Spectrometry System

Clark, Randall Pharmacal Sci. HSoP

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry for the Identification of Isomeric

Designer Drugs

Escobar, Martha Psychology CLA MEA: Evaluation of Signaling in the Brain, Heart, Muscle, and More
Hakovirta, Marko Research Prof. SGCoE

Self-Assembled nanostructured Sensors for Detection of Gases

and Biological Substances

Lee, Ming-Kuo G&G COSAM

Adding an S-Ray Diffreaction and Fluoresence Lab for Material, Energy,

Earth, and Environmental Research

Tatarchuk, Bruce Chem. E. SGCoE Spatial and Temporal Resolved Studies of Chemically Reactive Surfaces
Yu, Weikuan CSSE SGCoE

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