Required Training

All individuals involved in the care and/or use of live vertebrate animals must be appropriately trained to conduct activities.  Requirements inlcude:
1.)  Core Training: 

2.)  Procedure-Specific Training, and

3.)  Species-Specific Training
Training Documentation
Prior to protocol approval, core training requirements must be documented in the Office of Research Compliance by submission of the PTC form provided below. 

Core training requirements, along with species-specific and procedure-specific training must be documented with the PI responsible for the protocol.  A sample form for maintaining species-specific and procedure-specific training is provided below.  Training documentation on file with the PI will be reviewed by the IACUC as part of the semi-annual facility inspections.

**Please note: These are Microsoft Word forms and may not be compatible with Mac software. If you experience formatting or linking problems while using these on a Mac, please contact IACUC Administration at 334-844-5978.


Species-specific Training Programs for Protocols Involving:
The Laboratory Animal Training Association (LATA) offers training modules on the humane care and use of rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, swine, fish, goats and nonhuman primates. Also, modules on the aseptic surgery of rodents and the anesthesia and analgesia of rodents are available.

To log onto LATA training modules, click on the following link:

This link is also provided in the species-specific training program documents. Once you are at the LATA website, use the username "auburn" and the password "blue". You will then create a profile for yourself. As you complete modules, a training summary will be sent to the ORC. 

  Animal Bite Protocol  
Amphibians & Reptiles Fish Poultry
Bats Gerbils Rabbits
Birds Guinea Pigs Raptors
Cats Hamsters Rats
Cattle Horses Sheep & Goats
Dogs Llamas & Alpacas Swine
Ferrets Mice  


Last Updated: 1/13/2014