All animal use protocols, SOPs, and protocol modification forms are required to be reviewed and signed by the Project Veterinarian BEFORE being submitted to the Auburn University IACUC. Please allow up to 3 business days prior to the IACUC submission deadline for appropriate veterinary review. No forms will be accepted without a Project Veterinarian's signature.


**Please note: These are Microsoft Word forms and may not be compatible with Mac software.  If you experience formatting or linking problems while using these on a Mac, please contact IACUC Administration at 334-844-5978.

 Animal Subjects Review Form(ASRF) a protocol describing research, teaching, or demonstration activities.  There is a place on this form to indicate which type of activity is being described (e.g. research, teaching, etc.).

Animal Production/Maintenance Facility Standard Operating Procedures(SOP form) a protocol describing only the production and/or maintenance of animals (e.g. those animals being produced and/or maintained for research or teaching activities).

ATTENTION: All research involving privately owned animals at the College of Veterinary Medicine must be reviewed by the Clinical Research Review Committee (CRRC) prior to protocol submission.


MODIFICATION FORMS (No Handwritten Forms Please)

Any changes to an approved protocol require IACUC approval prior to implementation by the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI). The PD/PI should submit a request for changes using this form at least one month prior to the anticipated implementation date. Under unusual circumstances, the PD/PI may request a designated-member review. Call the ORC for guidance and assistance with requests for designated-member review. Minor changes can be approved by the IACUC Chair. Significant changes will require review and approval by IACUC.

 Modification Form for Approved Protocol - (for making changes to an IACUC approved protocol)

Personnel Modification Form - (for adding or changing personnel on an IACUC approved protocol)


The IACUC must conduct an annual review of each active protocol.  PI’s are required to complete and submit an Annual IACUC Reporting Form for each active protocol which will be reviewed by the IACUC.  Annual Reports are required for continuation of protocol approval.
On October 1st  of each year the IACUC administration will email an annual reporting form to every PI with a protocol that was active during the reporting period.


Animal Questions or Concerns Poster:  All animal-use facilities are required to post this document in a common area viewable by all.

Last Updated: 1/13/2014