AU to DC Shuttle Program

The AU-DC shuttle was organized to help maximize faculty exposure to both federal agency program officials and federal program opportunities. Before meeting with a program officer, a faculty member should have a clearly defined agenda and purpose outlines for the meeting. The types of questions that should be formulated in advance of travel include but are not limited to:

1.) Is one's research of particular interest to the program officer's division or

     would it be better placed somewhere else?

2.) What types of opportunities are available or planned?

3.) How best can one's research efforts fit in to agency priorities?

4.) Where appropriate, specific grantsmanship questions would be valuable.

The OVPR will provide assistance, to help faculty members plan important aspects of such visits prior to travel and during visits to help make the introductions and discussions more effective. We anticipate that the Associate Dean for Research or Dean might accompany faculty members on such visits.

Please note that the Air Transportation Form represents general informational guidelines in our prioritization for the monthly shuttle. The OVPR may address special meeting arrangements for unique proposal activities with specific opportunities identified. While meetings with two agencies is generally preferred, meetings may be with a single agency involving multiple visits or introductions that may take up a full day. These should be described/justified in the comments section of the application.

Anything beyond two separate visits per day may not be conducive to productive working meetings. We prefer that trips involve in depth meetings, presentations, knowledge gathering, programs planning, etc. as their primary purpose. In summary, we will evaluate reasoned exceptions documented in the comments box or directed to the Associate VP for Research. Any dialogue, should include be between the OVPR, the ADR, and the respective faculty members accordingly.



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Jean O'Donnell
DC Shuttle Coordinator
309 Samford Hall
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-5976

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