Social Justice


Social justice is the belief that everyone deserves equal economic, social, and political rights and opportunities. Social justice movements are often geared toward fighting for the rights of minorities and those in need, but the term includes all populations in its definition. Healthy societal relationships result from individuals and governments abiding by the moral principles of social justice.

Social justice is a concept that is most often applied to movements and policy change recommendations that affect society as a whole. However, individuals play a part in maintaining social justice for all people in a couple of ways:

  • vote for representative candidates that promote social justice,
  • treat everyone on campus with respect to create an environment of equality,
  • if someone is in need or does not have access to an opportunity or resource, do your best to try and help them get what they need,
  • donate to reputable charities that responsibly give funds to those in need,
  • and protect everyone’s freedom of thought and speech, not just your own.

Below is a list of resources that provides more information on social justice and how you can get involved.

Last Updated: 6/13/2011