Social Life


College is a unique time of life. At your fingertips, you have access to a good education, social life, community involvement, career development, and lots of ways to have fun. Some students often find it hard to balance their social lives, organizational commitments, and schoolwork, and students often experience stress when trying to balance all of their commitments and interests.

Whether your problem is not being able to say no to an activity or social event, or getting too wrapped up in making perfect grades, focusing on only one aspect of college life can lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. Freshmen often have a harder time balancing their lifestyles because they are getting used to college life, but balance issues can creep up in everyone’s life from time to time, regardless of how long you have been in college.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you balance your academic, social, and community life:

  • Don’t procrastinate. If you get your work done on time, you will have more time to do what you want instead of cramming for a test or rushing to complete a project.
  • Try studying in the library or other campus building and reserving your dorm room for time with friends, relaxation, and sleep.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule. If you get enough sleep, you will have enough energy to maintain your grades and have fun with your friends, even if it means leaving a social gathering a little early to get rest.
  • Reserve partying for weekends.
  • If you aren’t involved on campus, consider joining an organization or participating in intramural sports.
  • If your grades are struggling, consider organizing a study group or set up tutoring sessions for yourself.
  • If you come across a good academic, social, or career-oriented opportunity, go for it. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in your daily routine. Opportunities are what make the difference in our lives, so don’t be afraid to shift your schedule around and change things to take advantage of something. Be flexible.
  • Try not to get caught up in the social lives of others. Creating and participating in drama can drag you down and put a damper on other areas of your life. Gravitate towards friends, peers, and significant others that you can have healthy relationships with.
  • Don’t let yourself become over-committed. Being involved is positive only when it contributes positively to your life as well. If you have developed unhealthy habits because of how much you have to do, drop a couple of things and stick with what means the most to you.
  • Stay in touch with local, regional, and national news, as well as with your family. College students often feel that they live in a “bubble,” so try to keep in touch with your family and current events to avoid feeling isolated.

Below is a list of resources that provides more information about living a balanced social and academic life in college.

Last Updated: 6/13/2011