Respect for Others


Respect is having a general positive regard for others manifested by certain actions and conduct displayed. Both showing and receiving respect is a part of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

As members of the Auburn Family, we share in abiding by the principles set out by the Auburn Creed. In the creed it states:

“I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men…

I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.” –George Petrie, 1945

While there are many ways to show respect for each other, the following ways are specific to the Auburn community:

  • Currently, Auburn University is home to 25, 078 students and 4,695 full time employees. Students and employees alike come from many different US states, countries around the world, ethnic cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family lives. To uphold our creed, we must respect the differences that make each of us unique.
  • Auburn University is known for its sporting events and intense pride in its athletic programs. Part of being a member of the Auburn Family is knowing how to appropriately express pride and enthusiasm for our athletic accomplishments. Having fun and respecting our opponents and rivals can happen at the same time.
  • Auburn is also a place where students come to fulfill their dreams of living the college experience. Respect your friends and peers by controlling yourself at parties to avoid entering into dangerous, violent, or sexual assault situations.
  • As a college student, you are a member of a minority of people in our country who are lucky enough to get a college education. Respect both the instructors that work hard to give you this education and others who want the same thing by working hard and doing your best.
  • Respect yourself so that others will respect you. Know that you are as worthy of respect as everyone else at Auburn, regardless of personal differences. Stand up for yourself and others and be confident in the knowledge that you matter.

Below is a list of resources that provides more information about respect and why it is so important in our world today.

Last Updated: 6/13/2011