Attitude, Self-Esteem, and Body Image


Self-esteem and body image are internal thought processes that color everyday attitudes and perceptions of the self. Self-esteem is a person’s overall evaluation of their own worth, while body image is compiled of perceptions, beliefs and emotions felt toward one’s own body and appearance.

Those experiencing feelings of low self-esteem or body image might:

  • compare themselves to others,
  • engage in self-criticism,
  • put little value on their opinions and ideas,
  • and feel that they are not good enough.

Possible factors that can influence self-esteem and body image:

  • friendships and family relationships,
  • work,
  • school,
  • illness,
  • social status,
  • others’ reactions to you,
  • and internal thoughts.

Healthy self-esteem and body image allow you to:

  • accept yourself,
  • feel good about your appearance,
  • and know that you are deserving of the respect of those around you.

Below is a list of resources that give more information about healthy self-esteem and body image and tips for how to improve the way you see yourself.


Last Updated: 11/18/2013