Go Green!



10 Tips on How to Go GREEN


1. Recycle! It’s the easiest way to eliminate pollution.


2. Conserve energy by turning off all unnecessary lights when they’re not in use.


3. Eat healthy! Organic food products do not contain toxic chemicals.


4. Invest in a reusable water bottle!


5. Go thrifting. Donate or shop! It saves money and helps the local economy.


6. Wash your laundry in cold water. Hot water consumes a lot of energy.


7. Unplug your cell phone and computer charger when charging is complete.


8. Email! It minimizes paper use and it’s the official means of communication at AU.


9. Take short showers. Its a great way to preserve water.


10. Avoid using plastic bags. Instead, try reusable bags.


Last Updated: 4/21/2014