Get Fiscally Fit: Financial Wellness

Financial Tips for College Students

1. Be careful with credit.

  • Credit cards are not free money.
  • Start with a card that has a $1,000 dollar limit that offers points or other rewards and pay your balance monthly.
  • Late fees add up and penalize your credit score.

2. Stick to a budget.

  • Outline how much you make and spend monthly.
  • Track your spending.

3. Save early and often.

  • Maintain a minimum balance in an emergency fund.

4. Take advantage of student perks.

  • Restaurants often have deals for students.
  • Take advantage of Tiger Dining and University events with free food.

5. Pay less for textbooks.

  • Search online retailers like,, or

6. Borrow as little as possible.

  • Only borrow when absolutely needed, Student Loans should only be used for a last resort.
  • Apply for scholarships and grants to avoid having to get a loan.

7. Avoid unnecessary fees.

  • Avoid parking fines, late fees, or getting towed.

8. Use technology.

  • Set up text/email alerts for your credit card and bank account payments.
  • Download apps to help budget money such as MINT.

9. Protect yourself from fraud.

  • DO NOT give out personal information through emails, telemarketers, or anyone claiming you won a prize.
  • Review/monitor online bank account statements.

10. Capitalize on coupons.

11. Set limits.

  • As yourself if you can do wihtout and if you can then do not buy it or wait for the price to drop.

Last Updated: 11/11/2013