[Br]eaking [Ba]d [H]abits

[Br]eaking [Ba]d [H]abits

Myth Busters: 6 Myths about Rx Drug Abuse

1. Prescription medications are safe to abuse than other illicit substances.

  • Truth: When misused or taken with out a doctor's prescription, these drugs can be just as harmful as illegal street drugs.  Taking these medications together with alcohol or other drugs can have grave and possibly deadly consequences.

2. Unlike underage binge drinking and marijuana use, misusing and sharing prescription medications is legal.

  • Using medications, many of which are considered controlled substances, without a doctor's prescription or misusing someone's prescription is always harmful, not to mention illegal.  Only a doctor or pharmacist can legally give you these medications.

3. Everyone is doing it.

  • The reality is that most college students knows it;s not worth the risk to misuse or abuse prescription medications.  Only one in four people aged 18 to 20 report using these medications non-medically at least once in their lives.

4. Students often get prescription medications from drug dealers on the street.

  • Most students don't need to look any further than their friends, classmates, and family.  That is because many of the most abused prescription medications are widely prescribed for legitimate medical conditions are, therefore, readily available.  A majority (90%) of students are able to access stimulants from their peers or friends (McCabe et al, 2004).

5. Nothing bad will happen to me or my friends.

  • This is very dangerous thinking.  The reality is that every college student, even the most accomplished, is vulnerable.

6. Misusing prescription drugs is fine "every once and a while," and doing so can help me better manage my life and feel better.

  • Teens and young adults may perceive prescription drugs to be safe than illicit drugs largely because doctors prescribe them and messages about their use are widely available in popular media like movies or television and magazine advertisements.


URL: http://www.talkaboutrx.org/documents/MythBusters.pdf

Last Updated: 11/06/2013