Five Ways to Make Auburn Bully Proof

FIVE ways to make Auburn Bully Proof

1: Call Auburn's Hazing Hotline if you or a friend are a victim of hazing.. (334) 844-4564

2: Be more than a bystander. Do not watch as others victimize another person.

3: Do not let yourself be a victim. Stand up for yourself in nonviolent ways.

4: Think before you act and speak. Could you potentially hurt someone by your actions?

5: Recognize that bullying is not just something that happens in elementary school and middle school.

FAQs and Statistics

Q: Does bullying even exist in college?

A: Yes.

Q: What does bullying in college look like?

A: Hazing, social exclusion, and gossip. Vulgar humor, or terms directed at an individual person. Racial, religious, and gender slurs. Intolerance of other lifestyles.

15% of college students said that they have been bullied in college.

Of the 15%, 22% indicated they have been a victim of cyber bullying.

38% of college students know someone who has experience cyber bullying.

42% have seen someone being bullied by a fellow college student.

Last Updated: 9/23/2013