Rodeo Safety


Visit the Be Well Hut this week as we discuss rodeo safety.

Need a ride?

Bus shuttles pick up at the corner of Donahue and Lem Morrison beginning at 8am. Rides are free! Tickets must be presented upon entry to the bus and buses are cooler accessible. Even if you drive to the event, you are allowed to leave your vehicle beind and take the bus back. Rememer to get your vehicle the next morning! It will not be towed.

Hungry? Thristy?

Be sure to stay hydrated. Bring water and sports drinks in your coolers. Lots of EMT workers will be stationed around the event that can provide hydration therapy, water bottles, etc. to anyone that needs them. Bring snakcs too! Merchants will also be selling BBQ at the event.

No tow-behind grilles, propane tanks or glass bottles

Want to have a great time, stay safe and out of jail?

Be smart, be safe. Don't do anything to endanger yourself, others or animals at the event.

The forecast is mostly sunny. Wear sunscreen and reapply often.


Be Well.


Last Updated: 4/11/2013