Having Choices

Postponing sexual activity does not mean sacrificing passion and intimacy from your relationships. It simply means you are willing to explore the options you have in relating to your partner. It also means taking the time for you and your partner to measure carefully your mutual investment in an ongoing intimate relationship.


Just because you have had sex in previous relationships, or even a current one, doesn't mean you are obligated now.

Being comfortable with your physical and emotional expression in the presence of another and being comfortable with your partner's self-expression, takes trust and confidence on your part. This trust takes time, effort and a thoughtful consideration of what the relationship is all about before involving sexual activity. Being sexually active is too important and personal a decision to let someone else, alcohol or drugs, loneliness or depression, peer pressure, previous sexual behavior, an ultimatum, or fear of rejection decide for you.  If you are experiencing any kind of fear or apprehension about sexual activity, plan ahead: don't let sex just "happen."