Over-the-Counter/Prescription Drugs


Acetometaphin is the active ingredient in Tylenol and it can cause liver damage if used with excess amounts of alcohol.


When combined with alcohol, antihistamines (which can be found in prescription sinus medications) increase the effect of both, which increase the likelihood of an overdose.


When mixed with alcohol, the user may experience internal bleeding and torn stomach linings.


Adderall functions as a stimulant, which increases the user's heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity. Adderall also helps mask the physical effects of alcohol, thus allowing the user to consume more alcohol than normal without feeling the physical effects of intoxication. However, once the Adderall wears off, the user quickly feels the cumulative effects of the consumed alcohol, thus bringing about a quick and severe level of intoxication. This combination increases the user's risk of alcohol poisoning, alcohol-related accidents, and death.


Mixing Xanax and alcohol can be a deadly combination because they both function as sedatives/depressants. Mixing of the two can slow respiration and lead to coma/death.