For Parents

For Parents

What’s the truth about college drinking? At Auburn University most students drink moderately, if they choose to drink at all.

Glamorized college drinking stories persist, passed on from older peers, parents and society. Students come to believe high-risk drinking is the norm and that alcohol abuse is tolerated, leading to higher levels of drinking as they try to live up to falsehoods. For those who occasionally or routinely engage in heavy episodic drinking (five drinks in a row for men; four in a row for women), the consequences are real. They include:

  • Missed classes
  • Poor academic performance
  • Injuries
  • Regretted actions
  • Unplanned or unprotected sexual activity
  • Hangovers
  • Arguments
  • Vandalism
  • Violence

What You Can Do

  • Know Auburn University’s alcohol and drug policies, and discuss your expectations with your student.
  • Ask questions about their alcohol/other drug use use.
  • Let them know about Auburn University’s Health Promotion and Wellness Office and the services that we provide.
  • Remind them that, on average, GPA goes down as drinking goes up.
  • Set high academic standards, including Friday classes. Students tend to drink more if they have a three- or four-day weekend.
  • Encourage involvement. Too much free time can lead to boredom and drinking can become a hobby.
  • Don’t buy alcohol for your student or send them to school with it.
  • Visit their dorm room/apartment and check out their surroundings.
  • Avoid glamorizing your own drinking.


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