Information for Survivors

Auburn University strives to foster a community free of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Sexual assault or interpersonal violence can have a profound impact on one’s personal and academic life. If sexual assault or an act of interpersonal violence occurs, the University strongly encourages individuals to take action in whatever appropriate way they see fit.

For many individuals Safe Harbor can be the most beneficial first point of contact. Safe Harbor has the ability to help connect survivors to a variety of available resources. Each of these services are explained when a survivor meets with an advocate.

What to do if I have been sexually assaulted?

The University encourages those who have experienced sex discrimination to report these offenses to the 
Title IX Coordinator. Sexual misconduct offenses may also be reported to the Auburn University 
Department of Public Safety and Security.  Persons who wish to report any form of sex discrimination should contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator Kelley Taylor, 334.844.4794, Public Safety and Security 334.844.8888.

Safe Harbor can help you use the following resources; we also want to provide you with the contact information in case you want to contact a resource directly. 

Health Care Resources


A medical evaluation is recommended to address injuries, as well as the possibility of sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.  Within 72 hours, go to the Emergency Room and ask for a rape examination, or a examination with a SANE nurse.  The hospital will address immediate medical needs first, and then complete the rape examination only with the survivor’s consent. Avoid changing cloths, taking a bath or shower and do not eat, smoke or chew gum. All physical evidence, including seminal fluids, hair, blood types, and scrapings of flesh form the victim's nails can be used in court.  Avoid using the bathroom prior to the exam if possible.

East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) (24/7) **Provides Rape Examination                                      

(334) 749-3411

2000 Pepperell Parkway

Opelika, AL 36801


Auburn University Medical Clinic                                                                                                    

(334) 844-4416

Provides all types of medical services, including women’s healthcare, lab, x-ray,*** does not provide rape examination please use EAMC


Unity Wellness Center                                                                                                               

(334) 887-5244

STI testing; support for HIV-positive individuals


Women’s Hope Medical Clinic                                                                                                                   

(334) 502-7000

STI Testing and Treatment, Pregnancy Testing and Options Education


Counseling Services


Free counseling is provided at the Auburn University Counseling Center. By going through Safe Harbor, you can be seen on an emergency basis. Appointments can be set up through Safe Harbor or Student Counseling. 

Auburn University Student Counseling Services                                                                          

(334) 844-5123

Provides preventative and clinical mental health services for Auburn undergraduate and graduate students.


Other Important Resources


Auburn University Department of Public Safety and Security                                                                      

(334) 844-8888

Consultation on safety plans; assistance with questions related to law enforcement process, reporting crimes.


Domestic Violence Intervention Center                                                                                  

(334) 749-1515 

Support for survivors of domestic violence; services available to all community members including students.


Stalking Resource Center (National)


Office of Accessibility                                                                                                                

(334) 844-2096

Assistance with reasonable academic accommodations, assistive technology and support services


Sexual Abuse and Addiction Recovery

Call 1-888-989-5748 to speak to a caring addiction helpline advisor today.