Peer Health Education and Advocacy

The Be Well Hut is the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Service's new peer outreach program. A team of student “Hutters” will encourage healthy living among their peers by leading activities and discussing topics that are focused on making healthy choices as college students.
Topics addressed by the Be Well Hut include relationships, heart health, eating disorders, alcohol, Travel With Care, nutrition, mental health, sexual assault awareness, and sleep.
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The Be Well Hut Leadership Team:

Lily Clark, Director

Mary McIntyre, Operations

Chelsi Ganus, Recruitment

Bryan Brozy, Marketing 

Paige Fox, Team Leader: Physical Fitness

Emily Lewis, Team Leader: Special Event Safety & High Risk Alcohol Prevention

Mary Manzella, Team Leader: Healthy Relationships 

Kelly West & Bryan Brozy, Team Leader: Nutrition 

Marty van Duym, Team Leader: Pro-active Study Tips, Stress

Lexie Gibson, Team Leader: Body Image

Taylor Buchanan, Team Leader: Spring Break Safety

Ellie Claxton, Team Leader: Career Planning & Stress Reduction

Belle Brennan, Team Leader: Sexual Assault Prevention

Shelbie Cole, Team Leader: Sleep Management

Amanda Lawson, Team Leader: Environmental Management