Don't Cancel That Class!

Are you planning on canceling a class because of an important meeting? Crisis at home? Conference or other business? Please consider letting one of our presenters come teach your class for you.

If you are unable to teach class on a given day for any reason, give us a chance to use that time!

We will be happy to come to your classroom and provide presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics. We typically cover topics such as: alcohol and drug use, stress management, balance, nutrition, sexual health, mental health, and others. If your class has a potential health connection, or if you have heard your students talking about a health related issue - this could be a great fit!

Prepared with presentations by undergraduates and/or our professional staff, we welcome the opportunity to talk with students about topics that directly influence their academic and personal success.

So don't cancel that class! Please contact us to discuss how we can partner to create a presentation that will meet the needs of your class.

Thank you for helping create a healthier Auburn University.