1. What is TESI?

Tiger Education Screening Intervention (TESI) is an individual educational intervention program for all Auburn University students who have been found in violation of an alcohol or drug related policy or who may want to gain a better understanding of their substance use. The TESI program is designed to help students make better substance use decisions and to reduce their risks for substance-related harm.


2. Who is referred to TESI?

Students may be referred by a number of offices on campus such as Student Conduct, Residence Life, Greek Life, Student Counseling Services, and the Auburn Medical Clinic to name a few. In addition, students may complete the TESI program as a self-referral.


3. Is there a fee for TESI?

There is a $125 fee for those students who are sanctioned to complete the program. The free can be waived for any students who are considered a self-referral (are not coming because they are required or because they got into trouble, rather because they are concerned about their own use). Additionally, there is a no-show fee of $25 for a missed intake appointment and $10 for a missed follow up appointment. 


4. Who conducts TESI sessions?

TESI sessions are conducted by trained graduate-level facilitators who are supervised by a licensed clinician. Each student will meet individually with a TESI facilitator and receive personalized objective feedback based on questionnaires and assessments.   In a nonjudgmental environment, all sessions are kept confidential and no information will be disclosed without a student’s written consent.


5. Where are TESI sessions held?

TESI sessions are held in the Health Promotion and Wellness Services office located on the second floor of the student center, suite 2103.


6. How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a TESI appointment, please visit auburn.edu/tesi. You can also reach us at tesi@auburn.edu or by calling 334-844-1311.

Last Updated: 7/28/2014