Partners and Committees

Partners and Committees

The success of Health and Wellness could not be achieved solely by our office. We rely on the hard work and dedication of other organizations and committees to assist in our efforts to promote a healthy and safe campus. Without the devotion and encouragement of our fellow supporters, we would not be where we are today.  We would like to recognize a few of them here.


Safe Harbor Advocates                                   

Safe Harbor is committed to reducing sexual assault and violence against all students by providing prevention and education-based initiatives. Safe Harbor Advocates provide comprehensive services free of charge to students who are survivors of sexual violence.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month Task Force

SAAM is held to increase awareness of sexual assault issues. Several events will be held during the month of April to allow student the opportunity to learn more about sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence.



TESI is a first contact point of reference for students with concerns or quesitons about their alcohol and drug use. Tiger Education Screening Intervention is a collaborative initiative of Auburn University Residence Life, Auburn University Health Promotion and Wellness Services, Auburn Univeristy Student Counseling Services and the Auburn University Medical Clinic. TESI is a service that compares your habits to other Auburn students and provides real life tips to help you manage your drug or alcohol habits and attain a more healthy lifestyle.


Campus Health and Wellness Committee 

The Campus Health and Wellness Committee serves in an advisory role to the Auburn University Medical Clinic, and works with the clinic and the Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Program in Recreational Services to develop specific health and wellness program for the campus population. (dead link)


Advisory Committee for a Drug Free Campus and Work Place

The Advisory committee for a Drug Free Campus and Work Place promotes the development of the University's drug prevention program. The committee develops and distributes to students and faculty, educational material relating to the legal and medical risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The committee also promotes counseling, treatment and rehabilitation programs which are available to students and faculty.