Mission and Goals

Vision Statement:

Health Promotion and Wellness Services wishes to increase the overall health standards at Auburn University by affecting students’ knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, skills, and behaviors concerning health and wellness. 


Mission Statement:

In order to support student learning and academic success, Health Promotion and Wellness Services provides the Auburn University community with evidence-based and theory-driven health promotion and prevention services. We serve as health and wellness resources for the Auburn family and strive to foster a campus atmosphere that supports and respects healthy lifestyle choices.  We target three levels of society to accomplish our goals:

  • Individual:  through awareness and skill-building events and social marketing,
  • Peer Groups: through challenging social norms and affecting behavior,
  • Environment: through advocacy and challenging social structures, law and public policy.

We work in collaboration with our diverse campus population to create positive, transformational health opportunities through open, inclusive conversation about personal health habits, societal trends, and public policy. 



  • Create a better understanding of health and wellness on campus.
  • Increase the capacity for students to make healthy lifestyle choices on campus.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices more appealing and socially accepted.
  • Develop institutional systems and structures to support students’ health and wellness.