Greek Life Statistics

Interesting Facts

First fraternity at Auburn: Sigma Alpha Epsilon (1878)

First sorority at Auburn: Kappa Delta (1922)

First NPHC fraternity at Auburn: Omega Psi Phi (1972)

First NPHC sorority at Auburn: Delta Sigma Theta (1974)

Number of fraternities currently at Auburn: 32 (28 IFC; 4 NPHC)

Number of sororities currently at Auburn: 19 (17 NPC; 2 NPHC)


Community Service and Philanthropy

Service to the community and support of philanthropic endeavors is a pillar of Greek organizations. The Auburn Greek community works hard to support the local community and national initiatives through both hours of hands-on service and monetary donations.

During 2010, Auburn’s Greek community donated over $700,000 to philanthropic efforts and performed 91,000 hours of service.

To view a list of agencies supported through the efforts of the Auburn Greek community, click here.


Campus Buildings Named in Honor of Auburn Greeks

In recognition of the significant contribution that members of the Auburn Greek community have made to the University, several buildings on campus are named in their honor. To view a list of buildings named after members of the Auburn Greek community, click here.

If you know of campus buildings named for members of the Auburn Greek community, please click here and let us know.


Grade Reports

Academic success is a value that Greek organizations hold in high esteem. To that end, members of the Auburn Greek community strive to excel in the classroom. Each semester, as evidenced in the reports provided below, the Auburn All Greek grade point average exceeds the All Undergraduate grade point average. Please examine the reports below for more information about specific chapter academic performance which details overall chapter performance, initiated member academic performance, new member academic performance, and a breakdown of academic performance by class standing.

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Fall 2009

Fall 2010

Fall 2011


Membership Totals

Total Women's membership 2000-2011

Total Men's membership 2000-2011

Total Greek membership 2000-2011


Membership Percentages

Percentage of women in sororities

Percentage of men in fraternities

Percentage of students in Greek organizations


Retention Study

Does membership in a fraternity or sorority affect the retention and graduation rates of students? This was the question that was researched during the spring 2010 semester. Click here to view the research findings.

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