Trips and Issues


Fall Break 2014 Issue


Youth Development-October 16-19, 2014 

The Next Step Entrepreneur Program, in Atlanta, Georgia, works with local children in the community to teach S.T.E.M. based activities. ASB participants will not only help students come up with innovative ideas and explore their futures, they will also be teaching gardening and urban farming techniques. For more information about the Next Step Entrepreneur Program, check out their

Cost of Trip: $ 180

Winter Break 2014 Issues

Animal Welfare - December 13-20, 2014

Wildlife preservation has become a prominent  issue within the past few decades. ASB will be traveling to Silver Springs, FL to give care to animals of Forest Animal Rescue who have been abandoned or mistreated. At this site, participants will have the opportunity to help in the fight against wildlife abuse and neglect. For more information on Forest Animal Rescue, check out their website at

Cost of Trip: $ 405

Disaster Relief- December 13-20, 2014

The tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma in 2013 devastated the entire community and left many individuals wondering how they were going to restart their lives. The Serve Moore organization was one of the first community liaisons to help provide assistance to the citizens that were most affected by the tornado. ASB will be partnering with Serve Moore to not only help rebuild the town, but uplift the affected area. For information on Serve Moore, check out their website at

Cost of Trip: $ 295

Disaster Relief- December 13-20, 2014

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm that ripped through the coastal area of New Jersey in 2012. 250,000 homes were affected by the storm and 161,000 people were displaced from their homes. A Future with Hope organization has worked to restore this area for the past two years. ASB participants on this trip will have the opportunity to work with this organization in an effort to bring hope back to New Jersey. For more information on A Future with Hope, check out their  website at

Cost of Trip: $ 465


Community Development - Nicaragua - December 13-20, 2014

Central America faces some of the most abject poverty on our continent. Without adequate food, housing, and care, people struggle to ward off disease as well as keep their families safe. Alternative
Student Breaks we will be working with Panorama Service Expeditions to not only assist with the construction of affordable housing solutions, but also harvest the Nicaraguan land and provide care to children in need. Be prepared to work hard, rain or shine, and to be flexible with assigned tasks, all while connecting with members of your Auburn family and the local community.

Cost of Trip: $ 1,650


MLK Weekend 2015


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Alternative Student
Breaks will be traveling to Birmingham, Alabama, to provide a weekend of service with two different organizations. ASB participants will be assisting women and children at the First Light Shelter as well as the Children’s Hospital that is partnered with the Ronald McDonald House. To find out more information on First Light Shelter and the Ronald McDonald House, check out their  websites and

Cost of Trip: $ 160


Spring Break 2015 Issues

Affordable Housing (SEC Compact) - March 21-28, 2015

The SEC Compact is an initiative developed by the University of Missouri to provide assistance to those most affected by the tornadoes that tore through Alabama in the spring of 2011. This program allows several SEC schools’ alternative break organizations the opportunity to partner with each other by sending participants to volunteer with Marion County’s Habitat for Humanity during their respective breaks. Participants can expect to help with housing repairs, construction of new houses in a Habitat neighborhood, and spend time getting to know participants from other SEC schools.

Cost of Trip: $250

Children w/ Terminal Illnesses - March 21-28, 2015

Help give a very special child the best the week of his or her life by working with Give Kids the World.  Give Kids the World provides housing and activities free of charge to children with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities, allowing them to spend a magical week in Central Florida.  Get ready to interact with kids and provide essential support services to this wonderful organization. Participants will serve in many different capacities to help improve the lives of terminally ill children. 

Cost of Trip: $370

Ecology Preservation - March 21-28, 2015

There has been a significant decrease in the preservation of the Everglades over the past century. Only 25% of the Everglades remains within the United States. Alternative Student Breaks will be partnering with the Everglades in Homestead, Florida to help restore and preserve this national park. To learn more about the Everglades National Park, check out their website at

Cost of Trip: $ 385

Community Development – Costa Rica – March 21-28, 2015 

In the most ecologically diverse place on the planet, a community development trip involves a wide variety of activities.  Participants of this trip will work with Appleseed Expeditions can expect anything from construction at a local community development organization to engaging with children at an orphanage.  Be prepared to work hard and to be flexible with assigned tasks.  Whatever the method, you will have an amazing time working with your fellow Auburn family to support community development efforts in and around San Jose and La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Cost of Trip: $1,880

Community Development – Dominican Republic – March 21-28, 2015

Working with Appleseed Expeditions in the Dominican Republic involves a wide variety of activities. Participants of this trip can expect anything from construction, to participating in basic street medical clinics, to spending time with children.  Be prepared to work hard and to be flexible with assigned tasks. Whatever the method, you will have an amazing time working with your fellow Auburn family to support community development efforts in the Dominican Republic.

Cost of Trip: $1,765

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