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Winter Break 2013 Issues


Animal Welfare - December 15-21, 2012

Pet overpopulation is a national epidemic. Each year almost 15,000 animals are delivered to the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society. ASB will be going to give care to the numerous lost, abandoned, or abused animals in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area. Participants will get the opportunity to bring companionship to these neglected animals by walking, feeding, repairing beds, and possibly training or reading to them. Check out their website to learn more.

Cost of Trip: $264


Child Advocacy - December 15-21, 2013


Child abuse is a multifaceted community problem and no single agency, individual, or discipline has the necessary knowledge, skills, or resources to serve the needs of all children and their families. ASB will be partnering with the Natchez Children’s Home Services to help work with the children in the Natchez, Mississippi, community. Participants will also help out with maintenance on the grounds and help run their partner thrift store. Check out their website for more information.

Cost of Trip: $210


Hurricane Relief & Urban Poverty - December 15-21, 2013

While the world may look back upon the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina as a distant memory, the lasting effects on New Orleans are still present. Among those effected were many elderly people and families with lower incomes who have not been able to rebuild their lives since the tragic event. ASB will be working with the St. Bernard Project on housing construction for these forgotten victims in hope of reestablishing life, as they once knew it. 

Cost of Trip: $425


Community Development - Guatemala - December 14-21, 2013

Due to poor circumstances, in the indigenous Mayan community called El Quimal in Guatemala, 95% of children do not pursue education past 6th grade. ASB will be partnering with Service For Peace on a sustainable community development project. We will be working alongside members of the local community on a hands-on project that will involve improving local education infrastructure - from painting the walls of a library to building new classroom buildings. Regardless of the project, expect to work hard on site, get involved with members of the community including coworkers and schoolchildren, and be left impacted by your experience!


Cost of Trip: $1,810


Community Development - Nicaragua - December 14-21, 2013

Central America faces some of the most abject poverty on our continent. Without adequate housing, people struggle to ward off disease or keep their family safe. In Nicaragua, we will be working with Panorama Service Expeditions and assisting with the construction of affordable housing solutions. Sites range from retaining walls to prevent damage from mudslides to interior remodeling projects. Be prepared to work hard, rain or shine, and to be flexible with assigned tasks, all while connecting with members of your Auburn family and the local community.

Cost of Trip: $1,475


Spring Break 2014 Issues

Affordable Housing (SEC Compact) - March 9-15, 2014

The SEC Compact is a new program that will partner several SEC schools’ alternative break organizations with each other by sending participants to volunteer with Marion County’s Habitat For Humanity during their respective breaks. The SEC Compact’s goal is to have a trip from each school go to this one location to provide aid to the area over the course of an entire month. Participants can expect to help with housing repairs, construction of new houses in a Habitat neighborhood, wheelchair ramp construction, and landscaping and spend time getting to know participants from the University of South Carolina. Remains from the tornadoes that tore through Alabama in the spring of 2011 still heavily impact the area.

Cost of Trip: $235


Animal Welfare - March 9-15, 2014

Many animals are involved in conflicts with humans, such as being hit by cars, attacked by cats and dogs, or being taken away from their parents by well meaning but unknowing humans. As a result, Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary in Hubert, North Carolina, strives to rehabilitate and treat these animals to return them back into the wild. Participants can expect to help with the overall care of the animals from feeding, monitoring their health, to possibly assisting with physical therapy and reintroduction into the wild. Also, grounds keeping and maintenance on cages and other facilities are potential opportunities.

Cost of Trip: $350


Children w/ Terminal Illnesses - March 9-15, 2014

Help give a very special child the best the week of his or her life by working with Give Kids the World.  Give Kids the World provides housing and activities free of charge to children with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities, allowing them to spend a magical week in Central Florida.  Get ready to interact with kids and provide essential support services to this wonderful organization. Participants will serve in many different capacities to help improve the lives of terminally ill children. 

Cost of Trip: $365


Disaster Relief - March 9-15, 2014

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most destructive and deadliest hurricanes in United States’ history and was also the second most expensive. That is why the Fuller Center for Housing located in the New Jersey Pines area has worked with several community partners to rebuild and repair the wreckage that Sandy left behind in 2012. ASB will help with construction projects in the Tabernacle community and help bring the area back to its previous state. To do so, there is a ton of work to do!

Cost of Trip: $375


Community Development – Costa Rica – March 8-15, 2014 

In the most ecologically diverse place on the planet, a community development trip involves a wide variety of activities.  Participants of this trip will work with Appleseed Expeditions can expect anything from construction at a local community development organization to engaging with children at an orphanage.  Be prepared to work hard and to be flexible with assigned tasks.  Whatever the method, you will have an amazing time working with your fellow Auburn family to support community development efforts in and around San Jose and La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Cost of Trip: $1,910


Community Development – Dominican Republic – March 8-15, 2013 

Working with Appleseed Expeditions in the Dominican Republic involves a wide variety of activities. Participants of this trip can expect anything from construction, to participating in basic street medical clinics, to spending time with children.  Be prepared to work hard and to be flexible with assigned tasks. Whatever the method, you will have an amazing time working with your fellow Auburn family to support community development efforts in the Dominican Republic.

Cost of Trip: $1,725

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