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Exam Accommodations

Proctored exams scheduled in the Office of Accessibility is a service available when an instructor cannot facilitate administering exams with accommodations within the department.

Three basic options for administering exams to students who have documented accommodations

  1. Take the exam with the class without accommodations.
  2. Take the exam with the instructor, TA or other designated departmental personnel, using the appropriate accommodations at a mutually agreed upon time and location.
  3. Take the exam with the Office of Accessibility.

It is recommended that each student and instructor work together to develop the best plan for the administration of the exam as documented in the student's submitted accommodations.  It is possible that accommodations and exam proctoring arrangements will vary from class to class.  Many instructors prefer to proctor their own exams for students with accommodations.  This approach provides the student direct access to the instructor in the event of questions or problems.

Exam accommodations are put into place so that the student is provided with an equitable alternative to demonstrate his/her understanding of the course material.

These accommodations include:

  • Extra time, generally 50 percent or possibly double time
  • Reduced distraction environment
  • A reader and/or a scribe
  • Use of a closed-circuit television that enlarges print
  • Alternate formats such as audio taped exams or electronic format
  • Computers
  • Assistive technology
  • Adjustable workstations
  • Enlarged-print exams or braille exams

In order to provide an equitable in-class exam situation and to ensure the student has access to you for clarification, you are asked to provide the requested accommodations to the best of your ability. However, if you or your TA cannot provide the requested accommodations, the student should be directed to our office (1228 Haley Center),  or website ( to request a proctored exam.

Exams proctored in the OA Proctor Center may or may not coincide with the class exam time. Exams will be scheduled by student, room, equipment and/or proctor availability. Exams cannot be scheduled to interfere with another scheduled class.

Proctored Exams

The student must meet with and discuss their accommodations with the instructor, outside of class, before a proctored exam can be requested.  Accommodations are not retroactive and therefore it is critical that the student present their accommodations to the instructor as soon as possible in the semester.

After meeting with the instructor, the student will complete the online Exam Scheduling Request Form and electronically submit it for approval. You will receive an email from notifying you a student has requested a proctored exam in the OA Proctor Center. Please log into the website to review the request and approve the exam request as soon as possible.

ONLY the instructor's official AU Email Address will be accepted by the online proctor request system.  Please furnish students with your official email address not an alias.

It is the student’s responsibility to electronically submit the request at least 5 business days/7 calendar days before the scheduled exam date, 30 days prior to final exams.

Every effort will be made to proctor the exam at the same time as the class exam.  If a scheduling conflict arises, the exam will be administered as close to the class exam as possible. Missing another class to take an accommodated exam is NOT an excused absence.

Exams should be delivered to the Office of Accessibility (either electronically to or hand delivered to 1228 Haley Center) by 12:30 pm the DAY BEFORE exam administration; however 2 business day's notice is required for exams that must be converted to an alternate format (i.e. Braille, audio), please submit exams electronically for conversion.  Passwords for online exams should be provided by 12:30 pm the DAY BEFORE the scheduled exam.   The password will only be provided to the test proctor, passwords will not be given to the student.

Exams should not be sent through campus mail.

As a courtesy service to instructors, OA will attempt to hand deliver completed exams if delivery information is included with the exam per the instructions indicated on the proctor request form. Exams that do not have delivery information (departmental mailbox address) will be held in 1228 Haley Center for you or a designated person to pick up. If time is of the essence exams can be picked up in the Office of Accessibility from 7:45 am - 11:45 am or 12:45 pm - 4:45 pm. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

In the event that a student does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled exam begin time, the student will be advised to contact you. Rescheduling of the exam will be at your discretion.

Please provide contact information, either email or phone number, should questions or issues occur during the proctored exam.

The Office of Accessibility is dedicated to maintaining the highest academic integrity possible in the exam proctoring environment.  Students having exams proctored by the Office of Accessibility will be required to follow the academic honesty guidelines.  Proctors are hired and trained by the Office of Accessibility.  Any student observed utilizing any unauthorized resource during the exam  or suspected evidence of cheating will be documented by the OA staff and reported to the instructor.

Proctors are not allowed to explain or express opinions concerning the exam.

If your exam requires specialized software please contact the OA - IT Specialist as soon as possible in the semester to ensure the software is available for the student.

Extended Time and Canvas

Questions regarding extended time issues for exams given on Canvas can be directed to IMG at 844–5181.  Canvas also provides a webpage describing the steps to provide extended time in Canvas.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about exam proctoring.

Thank you.

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