In September 1973, Dr. Ben Lanham, then Vice-President for Administration, authorized the formation of what was to be the Auburn University Staff Council.  Then called the "Blue Ribbon Committee", this group was comprised of staff representatives from all units on campus and was formed to provide a forum of direct communication between Staff employees and administration.  Mr. Bob Schultz served as our first advisor.  The primary focus of the group at this time was to advise administration on the concerns of Auburn University Staff and to make recommendations on matters that directly affected the welfare of these employees.

        In 1976, another important evolution happened within the Committee when the group adopted bylaws, officers and a steering committee as well as formed a mission.  The group was now to be known as the Auburn University Staff Advisory Council.  Mr. Glen Bracken served the Council as the first "true" Chair and was soon succeeded by Mrs. Fran MacArthur in that same year.

        With dedicated leaders from the inception and the industriousness of those that have followed, the organization made great strides.  Subsequent leaders and Chairpersons continued to tirelessly work and find both ways to grow the organization as well as adequately fill a great need on the campus.  Opportunities came for Staff members to serve on various campus committees including Parking, Budget, Grievance, Traffic Appeals, Insurance and Benefits, Multicultural Affairs, the University Senate and others.  Given increasing credibility on the campus, the AUSAC was able to gain acceptance as a full-fledged governance group at Auburn University and adopted the name of the Auburn University Staff Council.  Today, the Staff of Auburn University enjoys the strength of an organization some 35 persons strong, representing the approximately 2,400 persons that perform crucial roles in the working of the University.  We have much to be proud of.

        As part of our current charge, we reaffirm our goals to "represent all Staff at Auburn University; promote better understanding, cooperation, and communication among all constituent groups and to endorse the mission and goals of Auburn University.
Since its organization, the AUSC has provided advice or assisted in many changes which have taken place on campus. Among these are:

  • Establishment of a separate funeral leave policy for University employees. 
  • Leave accrual based on total years of service rather than consecutive years. 
  • Maternity leave policy 
  • Improvement of sick leave benefits. 
  • Participation in the annuity program. 
  • Placement of Staff employees on University committees. 
  • Establishment of the annual general Staff meeting held every Fall. 
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of the Employee Assistance Program. 
  • Establishment of a Staff Recognition Committee to explore ways and means of recognizing the service of Staff employees. 
  • Revision of Transfer/Promotion policies. 
  • Sponsorship, with the Auburn's Women's Caucus, of programs on rape awareness and tax information. 
  • Direct communication with the President on Staff concerns. 
  • Tuition Waiver 
  • Combined the Administrative and Professional and Staff employee Grievance Policy 
  • Tax sheltered annuity program participation 
  • Staff priority access to AU Sports program 
  • Dental coverage 
  • Flexible spending plan 
  • Tiered insurance premiums 
  • Awareness of Wellness needs on campus

These are by no means all of the accomplishments and activities of the Council, but this list does serve as a good overview of the types of concerns the Council works to advance.

More recent projects, achievements Staff Council has worked on.

Auburn University Board of Trustees approved the proposed changes to the Staff Council Bylaws at the January 31, 2008 meeting in Montgomery.  Also, approval of future amendments to our Bylaws will now be submitted to the President of the University for his approval.  Note:  The new Bylaws were posted online.

AU Mammogram Day, October 31, 2008
Thanks to EAMC, Insurance & Benefits, AU Medical Center for assistance.

Scale Back Alabama January - March 2008


In 2015 Staff Council, led by the newly formed wellness committee by Chairperson Michael Freeman, created a campaign called "Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat" to bring awareness to the preventable deaths of children and pets left in hot cars. The campaign, supported by a grant from the Auburn University Concessions Board, has created a lot of interest from members of campus and the community..including Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones and Auburn University Emergency Manager Chance Corbett.