Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 12, 2014
OIT Conference Room

Representatives present:
Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Kathy Dowdell (voted), Cindy Gulledge, Arthur Taylor, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Hattie Alvis, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Joe Gulledge, Pat Meadows (proxy for Marilyn Johnson), Michael Freeman (Chair-Elect), Jennifer Holt (Chair), Joseph Ellis (Immediate Past Chair). Also in attendance new representatives for 2014: Lauren Einhorn, Tanya Stringer, and Donna Childers.
Representatives absent:
Leigh Ballard (excused), Melinda Sanders, Charles Ciocco, Paul Barringer, Pat Stapler, Jeanetta Felton.
Call to Order:
Meeting called to order with welcome by Chairperson Jennifer Holt at 9:35AM.

General Session handed over to Michael Freeman (Membership/Chair-Elect), who provided the information about the agenda and the election for Chair-Elect. Mr. Freeman noted that a quorum had been obtained (50%+1) for a vote. Mr. Freeman announced the names of the two candidates and what unit they were from and allowed the two candidates (Althea Tate and Arthur Taylor) to pick who would present first prior to a vote. Althea Tate chose to start off. 

Althea provided a brief presentation explaining her time at Auburn and what she would like to accomplish if she were elected. She began by laying out her timeline at AU, beginning as a ticket writer under the former campus police department (now Parking Services) and how she ended up in an office setting after an accident while working as a parking attendant. Althea then spoke of how she would lead and highlighted some key bullet items led by the creation of a leave bank for those who find themselves out of work because of illness/accident but no longer have enough leave time to get them through their situation. This leave bank would allow leave to be donated to a central storage area so that individuals, who meet criteria, could take advantage of the donated time. Althea also campaigned on leadership and continued involvement by Staff Council with representatives and constituents. 

Arthur Taylor gave a brief presentation that began highlighting his personal endeavors in his community and church; holding positions as deacon and the community watch captain in his hometown of Camp Hill. Mr. Taylor transitioned into his work experience, beginning as a painter with his dad at age 12 while also learning how to do other things such as wood working/carpentry and electrical. Mr. Taylor has been at Auburn as a painter for many years which has led him to become a manager over at the paint shop in Facilities Division. Mr. Taylor moved into his goals and vision for Staff Council as chair to include an emphasis on teamwork, communication, cooperation, forward thinking, and progression towards a better campus environment for our students which allows their parents to feel more comfortable about their kids coming to Auburn University for their education. Mr. Taylor reinforced the idea of the Auburn Family and how we must insure that our group within that family is well represented and noticed for the work that we do. 

Mr. Freeman regained the podium and called for a vote, via secret ballot, on which candidate the staff council would like to see as the new chair-elect. The vote was cast, received, and counted by Sue Olson and James Lyons of the Membership Committee. The winner, by a majority vote of 13-7 (20 ballots cast) was Arthur Taylor. Mr. Taylor will begin his term as chair-elect on July 1st, 2014. 

The second half of the session focused training and input from the council. It began with the first page of the current Staff Council By-Laws and how they are upheld. Mr. Freeman highlighted the Charge, detailed in Section I, and Section II, General Organization. Mr. Freeman will use portions of each General Session to revisit portions of the By-Laws to help representatives better understand the role and importance of Staff Council to their constituents. 

Mr. Freeman also discussed some of the items that were being presented in committee that may effect staff on campus. Questions were taken and discussion exchanged between members on how we may want to move forward on topics that were voted into effect. 

Mr. Freeman also laid out the course of action on a Staff Council Orientation program in July (aprox. the 24th) that will last 4 hours and involve past chairs of Staff Council. The orientation will consist of an agenda that will provide information on representative expectations, staff council and standing university committees, the role of the steering committee, grievance policy and committee, objectives and goals for 2014-2015, the history of the blue ribbon committee (now known as staff council) and the positives that have come from it, and a panel question and answer. 


In closing, Mr. Freeman opened the floor for questions. Hollie Lee requested that we do a better job with communicating the positive of staff council and exchanges from the group led to adding a historical component to the orientation. Ms. Lee was thanked by Mr. Freeman and advised that the Steering Committee should look into this and insure that this information is shared with staff and the campus community. 

Staff Council General Session adjourned at 10:55 am. 


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