Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on March 25, 2014
Student Center, Room 2326

Representatives present:
Althea Tate, Chris Sharpe, Kelly Sharpe, Michael Freeman, Jennifer Richardson, Joey Ellis, Ginger Vedder, Hollie Lee, Sharron Barney, Sue Olson, Arthur Taylor, Melinda Sanders, Lyn Long, Mary Sinnott, Jan Casson, Marilyn Johnson, Pat Stappler, Yvette Rivera, Helen Kirk, Cindy Gulledge, Joe Gulledge, Hattie Attis, Charles Ciocco, Kathy Dowdell, and James Lyons.
Representatives absent:
Charlene Thomas, Wesley Henderson, Jeanette Felton, Paul Berringer, Faith Malloy, Leigh Ballard, and Carol Lovvorn.
Call to Order:
Jennifer Holt called the meeting to order at 9:00AM.

Dr. Jay Gogue was our first guest speaker. After a formal introduction by Chairperson Holt Dr. Gogue began his presentation talking to Staff Council about where Auburn is today in terms of mission and where we may be headed in the future, citing changes in Washington D.C. in terms of direction and where the Federal Government would like to see higher education and how it is delivered. He spoke of how the Federal Government is looking at ways to increase access to public universities for students who may not always bring the highest credentials in comparison to their counterparts. He cited a couple of reports put out by the Department of Labor and Statistics where they compared educational success with economic outcomes for families. A clear indication can be made that people with an undergrad, graduate, and doctorate average an unemployment rate of less than 3% (combined). 

Dr. Gogue also spoke about some possible changes (based on passage of legislation in the statehouse) in the bid cap being changed from $7,500 to $15,000 and a possible, yet slight increase in funding from the state to AU in the coming fiscal year. Dr. Gogue tied this in with how the university operates in terms of budgets and how money is allocated within the university structure. The current legislative session is slated to end on April 7th. He also spoke of the new health and wellness kitchen that will open in the fall (open to students, faculty, and staff) where the food items will be prepared based on dietary need in relation to diet plans prescribed for athletes, as well as students, faculty, and staff. The food is to be color coded based on the type of diet someone is on. 

The president finished his presentation by opening the floor up for questioning. Several members of Staff asked questions on various topics, including the recent news of an apparent breach of cyberspace at the College of Business. Dr. Gogue expressed his understanding of the incident, which happened in the fall of 2013. Cyber protection services from Experian (through Auburn University) are available to anyone who may have been affected by the breach (for up to one year) at no cost. 

Staff Council Officers thanked Dr. Gogue for speaking to the group. 

Chair-Elect Michael Freeman welcomed Coach Scott Foxhall (Pitching Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for AU Baseball).

Coach Foxhall spoke to the group about the current progress that AU Baseball is making and how important it is to the program that the Auburn Family be proud of the team that the staff is putting on the field. He referenced how important it is for AU Baseball to provide the community with a successful program where the AU spirit is shared. He used a story about how his kids have grown up knowing nothing but Auburn and even how they have become ingrained with the traditions of AU since he and his wife moved here with the previous staff several years ago. He welcomed everyone to come out and support the AU Baseball team as they take on Missouri on ESPN this coming Thursday at Plainsman Park. Coach Foxhall did an outstanding job and we are very fortunate to have him as part of our AU Family. 

Chair-Elect Freeman closed the session with providing information on the upcoming elections in April for Staff Council and the call for nominations for the new Steering members and Chair-Elect. The schedule is as follows:

April 7th: Call for nominations for Staff Council seats and Steering. 
April 18th: Closing for nominations. 
April 21st-25th: Membership Committee will review Steering and Chair-Elect Nominations
April 28th: Elections begin for Staff Council Representatives
May 7th: Elections Close for Staff Council Representatives
June (TBD): Elections for Steering and Chair-Elect at General Session. 

Jennifer Holt adjourned the meeting at 10:38am. 


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