Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on September 10, 2013
Student Center, Room 2310

Representatives present:
Jennifer Richardson, Michael Freeman, Althea Tate, Leigh Ballard, Mary Sinnott, Jan Casson, Melinda Sanders, Ginger Vedder, Kathy Dowdell, Arthur Taylor, Kelly Sharpe, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Pat Stapler, Sue Olson, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Joe Gulledge, Cindy Gulledge, Chris Sharpe, and Hattie Alvis.
Representatives absent:
Carrol Lovvorn (Leave), Charles Ciocco, Faith Malloy (Medical Leave), Paul Barringer, Wesley Henderson, Jeanetta Felton, Joey Ellis (Leave), and Marilyn Johnson (Medical Leave).
Call to Order:
9:30am - Michael Freeman

Welcome: Jennifer Richardson-Holt

Introduction of the new Staff Council Representatives: Jennifer Richardson-Holt and Michael Freeman. New Representatives for 2013-2016 are: Faith Malloy, Ginger Vedder, Cindy Gulledge, Joe Gulledge, Leigh Ballard, Sharron, Barney, Hollie Lee, Pat Stapler, and Yvette Rivera.

Introduction of Steering Committee Candidates: Michael Freeman
Candidates spoke for 5 minutes each to outline their desire and wish to be on the Steering Committee. We had four candidates vying for four spots on Steering. With the lack of more than four candidates a motion was presented to allow the seating of the four candidates to the four openings by Mary Sinnott. A second was made by John Lyons. All members present voted to seat the new candidates to Staff Council Steering Committee by way of open vote. All voted in favor, with non opposed, and motion carried to seat the four new members of the Steering Committee. They are:

Althea Tate
Faith Malloy
Kelly Sharpe
Charlene Freeman-Thomas

Staff Update by Jennifer Richardson-Holt. Mrs. Holt advised that the Insurance and Benefits Committee voted in favor of keeping the current insurance rates for 2014. The Committee is looking at some possible improvements to the current healthcare plan without losing grandfather status as deemed in the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Mrs. Holt reminded everyone of the Healthy Tigers Program and Leigh Ballard provided a reminder about the Faculty/Staff Pharmacy. 

Benefits Fair at the OIT Building on November 13th and 14th. 

Remainder of the meeting provided an opportunity for an open floor session. Areas of concern were presented by Staff Council Representatives so that the Steering members could take note and use the information for future conversation and policy pushes. The Grievance process was also discussed to allow members a chance to get an idea of how it works. Mr. Freeman gave an overview of how the process works and it's relation to the Auburn University Handbook. Going forward Mr. Freeman will break the process apart and provide a more in depth look at a grievance at Auburn University. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:45am. 


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