Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 4, 2013
Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Joey Ellis

Breakfast provided by Staff Council Steering.


Joey Ellis opened the meeting by going over information related to staff and staff council. Mr. Ellis provided and update on the Ombuds search that is ongoing. Also discussed in the opening was the transition of the new Chair, Ms. Jennifer Richardson. He also noted that there was only one candidate for Chair-Elect and that is Mr. Michael Freeman. 

Jennifer Richardson spoke on her role as new Chair and what she hopes to accomplish in the 2013-2014 Academic Year. Her main goals are to provide leadership for Steering, represent staff in a clear and concise manor, and advance the needs and welfare of staff. 

Mr. Ellis introduced Mr. Freeman as the new Chair-Elect by way of running unopposed. 

Mr. Freeman spoke to the group on what his goals were as Chair-Elect, including the filling of several openings coming up on Staff Council and the Steering Committee. He also made clear his personal mission as Chair would be to represent the staff as his first priority. Mr. Freeman believes in a true representative style of leadership when elected to a post. Mr. Freeman also provided a biography of himself using a presentation and opened the floor for questions. Mr. Freeman was asked why he didn't have a set of goals for when he becomes Chair, and his answer was that with the changing climate with the new healthcare law, and other issues on the horizon, he couldn't state a definite set of goals for 2014-2015 just yet. He did state that once his duties as Chair-Elect take shape he would present a clear objective for his tenure as Chair in the late winter General Session. Mr. Freeman felt it would be premature to set goals that may not be reasonable next year. 

Mr. Ellis thanked everyone for their support while Chair. He also thanked members who were there to represent their areas. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:25am


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