Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on October 17, 2011
Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Nakeisha welcomes representatives and calls meeting to order at 9:02 am. Nakeisha introduces first guest Karla McCormick Executive director of employee benefits.

Karla gives a review of employee benefits and reminds representatives that open enrollment is November 1st-30th. Karla announces a Benefit fair Nov 7th-8th @ the OIT building. Reps from the various employee voluntary retirement plans will be on hand to assist employees with any questions or assistance they may need concerning their retirement plans. It is also announced that Healthy Tigers will be on hand to do health screening for the healthy Tiger discount. Karla announces several changes to Employee health insurance plans. There have been two tiers added to employee insurance benefits. The new tiers are employee & spouse and employee & child.  The new tiers will allow employees to pick a plan to better match their needs.  For those that have employee @ spouse or family coverage in which a spouse is a dependent on employees insurance,  the spouse must also have a health screening to receive the 25 dollar a month insurance discount.  Karla announces that as of December 31st Auburn will no longer administer payroll deductions for AFLAC cancer insurance policies. Colonial will accept AFLAC if you decide to change over.  Flexible Spending accounts have to re-enroll during open enrollment. No new debt cards will be issued; employees   will be able to use existing debt cards. Karla announces a new policy of dependent verification for employees having dependents on their insurance.  The audits will begin in the second quarter.  Karla announces voluntary retirement match will no longer be capped per pay period. This will allow employees to receive the matching benefit faster depending on the employee’s contribution percentage.    Karla also announces that once vested always vested for those employees that leave and return that had been previously vested.

Kathy Bugs from Budget Services was the second speaker.  Kathy reviewed and confirmed the one time salary supplement.  The allocation for each department of 2% of eligible employee salaries was sent to each department. The supplement will be Merit based.  Supplements could range from 0% to 6%.  Employees should receive letter around November 11th and checks should go out December 7th.  Supplements are subject to deductions. 

Tammy Hollis of Health Tigers was the final speaker.  Tammy announces that there are several clinics on campus and directed employees to Healthy Tigers website for announcements and times available for screening.  Tammy also announced smoking cessation drive “packet up” to be held November 17th in the Student Center.


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