Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on March 21, 2017
Student Center 2326

Representatives present:
All Accounted For
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Althea Tate 9:00AM

General Session Minutes


Welcome and opening remarks: Althea Tates - Chair


Guest Speakers-


I. Jay Jacobs- Athletic Director


* Thanks to all of you for your support that makes Auburn Athletics Great!


*Sports are going well but still working to get better


*This year we were able to put money in the bank


*We keep a mindset at what's better for our students


*We are open to any help for the Athletic Dept.


*Future renovation for the football stadium


II. David Mines- Inclusion Officer AU Athletics


*Have a commitment to the Athletic Dept.


*Member of the climate study for the University


*Provide more inclusive environment


*Foster more inclusive environment for staff


*Engage in community environment for our children in all parts of the country

III. DR. Taffye Clayton- Vice-President & Associate Provost Diversity & Inclusion

*This work is very purposeful work


*If you do good work it will make your way


*Broad and compromising work


*Seek to inform the things that are shared


Final Remarks: Athea Tates


*Board of Trustees voted that Dr Steven Leath be our new President of Auburn University


*We need committed people for Steering & Staff Representatives, all interested please contact Althea Tates


*Thanks to Jay Jacobs, David Mines, & Taffye Clayton for their presentations and to Kevin Coonrod

( University Ombusman ) for his continuing support


Meeting Ajourn-


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