Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on December 13, 2016
2222 Auburn University Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
9:00 AM (Althea Tate)


                                                              Staff Council General Session Minutes

                                                              December 13, 2016 at 9:00 am

                                                               Student Center Room 2222




* Meeting begin with opening remarks and welcome: Ms Althea Tate


* Guest Speakers: Rod Kelly, Associate President Human Resource Auburn University

Ann Shore Executive Director, Human Resources Auburn University


Kevin Koonrod, Ombudsman Auburn University


Jim O'Conner, Chief Information Officer ( OIT ) Auburn University



*Jim O'Conner-

Oversee OIT campus wide

Cyber Security: be  aware of giving your information given to unknown websites

Support Research Enterprise to large grants

Work hard on support Specialists

Foster Inclusion & Diversity

Upgrade Spam Security

Cyber threats are always at Auburn but we maintain to stay on top of it

Library ( OIT ) reopens 1/8/17


*Ann Shore & Rod Kelly

7.5% shortfall on insurance

5% premium increase

Three plan changes: Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Out of pocket limit for health insurance $6850.00 to $7150.00

Prescription drugs co-pay $10.00

Doctor visit co-pay $30.00

CVS Pharmacy is non preferred therefore if employees get prescription drugs for CVS there will be an additional $10.00

No Dental increase and vision will decrease in premium

AU pharmacy is open 24 hours contact numbers are 844-8939, 750-1048

Federal Judge haulted FLSA

All children under age 26 can be covered on insurance

Apply programs for new hire process

Since Jan. 1 some salaries went from $9.80 to $11.60 hr



*Kevin Koonrod

Fourth year here at Auburn University

Every visitor is treated with respect and honor

Friend of people

Look for more students to visit in the future

Suggested that Kevin come to Facilities and make a presentation


*Final Remarks: Althea

Leave Bank in process and is working with HR

Presidential search is underway

Our new Associate to Diversity and Inclusion is Ms Taffye Clayton

Please notify constituents on meetings to get information that they need


Meeting Ajourned

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