Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 29, 2011
Student Center, Room 2223

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:

Nakeisha Janigan welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the first speaker.
Karla McCormick, Executive Director of Employee Benefits, spoke to the group about the following changes to our Teachers Retirement policy:  


  • Currently AU employees pay 5% of their salary into the TA account.   As of October 1, 2011, that will increase to 7.25%.  In October 2012 it will increase again to 7.5%.
  • Changes to the state insurance plan for retirees (peehip) will take effect on January 1, 2012.  Changes include “years of service” and “retirement age”.  If an employee retires with less than 25 years of service, then there will be a 4% increase to the insurance premium for each year less than 25.  If an employee retires with 25 years of service, but is less than 65 years old, a 1% increase to the premium will be added for each year the employee is younger than 65.
  • If any AU employee retires before December 31, 2011, this will not apply.  Those that wish to apply for retirement before the new changes take affect, must have their application in to Payroll and Benefits by October 29, 2011.
  • DROP participants that retire when they come out of DROP, this will not apply to them.  However, if an employee comes out of DROP and continues to work…all of the above will apply.
  • Contact Payroll and Benefits at 844-4183 with any questions.

Brian Elmore from Payroll and Benefits spoke about the proposed salary increase that is before the Board of Trustees.  This proposal will be on the agenda for a vote at the September 2011 meeting.  The salary increase proposal has two parts to it:  

  • First is a 3% permanent raise.  This will be based on merit and will reflect the employee’s 2010 performance evaluation.  Each department will receive a 3% pool of their base salaries and then be able to award individuals with a salary increase ranging from 0-6%.
  • The Second phase to the proposal is a 2% one-time salary supplement.  Much like last years supplement, it will be merit based and reflect the employee’s 2010 performance evaluation.  Each department will receive a 2% pool of their base salary funding and be able to award individuals with a ONE TIME SALARY SUPPLEMENT ranging from 0-6%.

Michael Freeman presented the findings to the AU Staff Council survey and voting results for the proposed Smoke Free Campus Policy.  For the survey, 650 staff members participated with 63% being in favor of moving to a smoke free campus.  A vote among the Staff Council Representatives gave close to the same results…60% in favor-40% not in favor.


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