Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on September 13, 2016
Student Center 2310

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Kathy Dowdell, Michael Freeman
Call to Order:
Althea Tate 9:00AM

Welcome and opening remarks: Althea Tate's

Introduction of speaker: Althea Tate's

Speaker: Rod Kelly, Senior Director Talent Management HR

* What information do yo want to know?

a. Reclassification 

d. Hire process

b. Time Change    

e. Performance

c. Promotions  Evaluations


* The University pays $560,000,000 each year in salaries

* There's 1,100 supervisors on campus

* Evaluate jobs and put dollars on job description

* Creating a marketing survey database

* Job evaluation- What you do

Performance evaluation- How you do

* 771 people will be effected as non - exempt beginning October 30th



* Leave bank committee met on Monday September 12th

* Representatives are asked to notify constituents to inform them about meetings

* Committee plans a welcome event for all new members come spring of 2017


Closing remarks:

Thanks to Kevin Koonrod for his support


Meeting Ajourn


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