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Minutes for the Meeting on June 28, 2016
Student Center 2326

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Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor

General Session 06.28.2016


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:02AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes were posted on the website for December


Agenda provided by Chairperson Taylor


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Timothy Boosinger, Provost


Dr. Boosinger opened with remarks about issues regarding the fire at the Lowder Building and how it may affect the summer and early fall. Lowder will be down for at least the rest of the summer. Employees will be allowed into their portions of the building when safe. Classes have already been moved to other facilities.


Auburn continues to be a first choice for students. We have a robust summer program for close to 10,000 students taking classes. AU is also offering more distance options which help in retention and graduation rates. Graduation rates continue to rise and flexibility is a key component to that. A push is underway to get more students to finish in 4 years, which is an important benchmark for Auburn and its goals.


Dr. Boosinger spoke about Camp War Eagle and the interaction with parents during this time. The university wanted to get feedback from the audience about the student environment and their interaction with others. He also spoke about the diversity survey and the subsequent implementation of steps being made to address issues gleaned from the Climate Report. Many groups were involved to help accomplish this task.


Multicultural Program located in the Student Center is a gateway to diversity. Measures are in place to increase cultural diversity throughout the student body. A focus being made to help financially challenged get into Auburn. Of the financially challenged 60% or African American and 40% are Caucasian.


Dr. Boosinger also spoke about the working environment at Auburn University and of priorities within the new diversity initiative. He also spoke about the education opportunities and the options we have as employees.


Searches ongoing: V.P. for Business and Finance, Dean for the School of Pharmacy and a CIO for the university (Chief Information Officer).


A transition is underway to a new budget model.


Question and Answer


Q: Is the university thinking about offering more night classes for non-traditional students?

A: Dr. Boosinger stated he will look into this. He referenced that the FLMA is posing issues with employees in this regard.


Dr. Boosinger also informed of a new advising center along with an early alert program to assist students with majors and classes.



Candidates for Steering Offered before the Council. Election not needed due to number of seats and candidates being equal but a vote taken to approve each candidate for the seat they are running for.


Candidate 1: Dorothy Dunn, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Mothery/Wife with two children
  • Been with the university for 9 years
  • Worked with W.P. Stevens as an accountant
  • Managed over 30 people at West Point Stevens
  • Loves to advocate for others
  • Will make a professional commitment to Staff Council
  • Believes in the cause


Candidate 2: Tammy Williams, Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Worked 26 years in retail @ Anders Bookstore
  • Been at Auburn University since 2012
  • Assistant Manager at Anders
  • Believes in Auburn
  • MA in Human Resources
  • Wants to improve communications
  • Committed to Staff Council
  • An advocate for others


Candidate 3: Sue Olson, Career Center

  • Been at AU since 1998
  • Worked in the Office of Information and Technology
  • Previous Steering member/Staff Council Rep. until layed off in 2013
  • Has worked at the Career Center for 2 years
  • Serves on multiple committees
  • Member of the Membership and Communications Committee
  • Continues to help streamline membership information
  • Serves on the Concessions Board, Health and Wellness and Traffic Appeals
  • Committed to Staff Council


Candidate 4: Tonya Stringer, Nutrition-Dietetics and Hospitality

  • Employed at Auburn for 10 years
  • Wife with 4 children
  • Involved in her church
  • EADA Serves
  • Loves AU and has a great boss
  • Wants to work serving others and make a difference


Chair-Elect Candidate


Charlene Thomas, Business Officer Auditor

  • Communicates to a wide audience everyday
  • Loves her job (28 years of service)
  • Has a son, daughter and three grandchildren
  • Involved in her church, AWANA.
  • Staff Council Rep for 7 years
  • Steering for 3 years
  • Will work to address the needs of staff through her voice and her ability to listen and make important judgement calls on the issues we face.


Each candidate elected with a motion and voted on unanimously with no opposition.


Mr. Taylor thanked everyone for their help and support during his time as Chair.


Kevin Coonrod asked to speak briefly. He thanked everyone and explained his role as Ombudsman and that his office facilitates conversation between parties in hopes of resolution.


Mr. Freeman thanked everyone on Council for their assistance during his time as an officer of Staff Council. He stated that he will continue to serve as a representative while also being available for anyone who may need consultation.  


Meeting Adjourned


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