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Minutes for the Meeting on March 29, 2016
Student Center 2326

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Call to Order:
Arthur Tayor

General Session 03.29.2016


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:02AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes were posted on the website for December


Agenda provided by Chairperson Taylor


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Jay Gogue, President of Auburn University


Dr. Gogue opened with remarks about issues on the radar for the university that included the universities responsibilities to the new Department of Education requirements to report sexual assault using a preponderance of evidence as a guide when dealing with cases involving assault.  Some of the outlying issues with reporting include delays of reporting by victims where the incident happens at night and when alcohol is involved. The parties will be brought in to insure honest reporting. It’s a work in progress but the university is driven to improve and manage appropriately.




Information from the Diversity Plan coming soon using the results of the survey sent out earlier this year.


State Issues


A notable decline in graduations rates in the state for 2015. Another notable statistic is that 10,000 less African American kids going to college today than in 2010.


Alabama Budget: The university has seen a 37% cut since 2006. The state has implemented $100,000,000 in cuts over that time period for college education. The State of Alabama ranks 9th in the country in terms of investment of its tax dollars to education.   


Auburn Issues


Ten years ago Auburn had a 60% graduation rate (50% in 4 yr attendance). Today we are at 73%.


  • Top 10 nationally in terms of quality for online education.
  • Forbes ranks Auburn as the best college in Alabama.
  • Only 3 others SEC Schools considered the best in their state.


Board of Trustees Meeting in 2 weeks with consideration being made for a 2-3% tuition increase.


Dr. Gogue opened the floor for questions. Ginger Vedder asked about the possible community college consolidation and the impact it may have on Auburn. Dr. Gogue mentioned that 70% of coursework at the two year colleges doesn’t translate into a 4 year program so the impact wouldn’t be notable.



Speaker 2: Susan McCallister, Auburn University Public Safety


Green Dot Program


Susan opened by explaining what the “We Dot Auburn” program is about and how it came to be. The program was created as an anti-violence/stop violence program at the University of Kentucky as a way to change the culture on campus and beyond. Everyone has a role to play in helping to implement and maintain the program here at AU. The program is coordinated through the Office of Health Promotion (via Eric Smith).


The university noticed that the statewide program reduced violence between 50-60% after implementation. Susan used a PowerPoint to explain the meaning of the “dots” colored red and green. The red dots are used to highlight negative or violent acts and the green dots are used to show where someone stepped in to assist someone being harmed or to help abort a possible violent act. Using statements like “Is everything ok?” or “Do you need any help” can often diffuse a confrontation. Auburn is seeing more and more reporting which is what the program is designed to do as implementation continues. Forty five people have been trained to implement the program. The goal is to reach 6,000 people by 2018.


Staff involvement?

  • Make a clear statements like “We do not tolerate violence”
  • Contact Health Promotions and Wellness Services to schedule a Green Dot presentation for your group


A safety AP is in the works.


Mr. Freeman spoke about ongoing issues with area rosters and he hopes to get things situated once the FLMA issues are addressed.


Meeting Adjourned


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