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Minutes for the Meeting on December 8, 2015
2326 Student Center

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Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor 9:06 AM

General Session 12.08.2015


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:06AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes will be posted on the website for September and December on January 4th or 5th


First Guest Speaker: Ann Shore, Human Resources/Insurance


Ms. Shore opened with a brief on the changes at HR and the move to the new facility off of East University and Glenn.


Ms. Shore moved onto the Healthcare Insurance plan changes to better adapt to the Affordable Care Act requirements, 1095C distribution Benefits Statement under Alabama Law, Electronic Enrollment, and the 2016 Plan design. She expounded on each bullet point (power point), advising everyone to read through the packets given out earlier in the fall for reference. She highlighted each point and added an explanation as to why a change was needed. Electronic Enrollment will be in place by October/November of 2016 (their goal).


Plan Design Changes 2016

  1. Office Visit Co-Pay to increase to $35.00 from $25.00
  2. Specialists Co-Pay will also increase to $35.00 from $25.00
  3. Emergency Room Co-Pays to increase to $150.00 from $100.00 for the with an additional $30.00 for the Physician.
  4. Prescription Drug Tier Co-Pay Changes. Generic Drugs Tier I: $0-$10. Tier II: $10-$20.
  5. Preferred Brands $50.00. Non preferred brands and single service generics $80.00. Specialty Medications $120.00.
  6. Prescription Drug Formula Changes: Exclusion of Nexium, Non OTC at 20% of cost of generics. Nasal Steroid Covered-Flonase. Nasonex is from birth to age 4.
  7. Introduction of Tiger Meds Cholesterol Program
  8. Flex Accounts limit: $2,550
  9. No increases to dental or cancer insurance




Why are Co-Pays increasing? Changes in insurance as a result of the ACA have made it necessary to increase the co-pays. Added benefits do come with the changes. Ms. Shore also explained the self-insurance definition.


Mr. Varner (Past Chair) challenged the university by questioning why Auburn is using the ACA as a reason to increase premiums. He doesn’t agree with the universities position that the ACA is the reason for changing the plan. He also questioned why the university is using the term “a fine” (in terms of non-compliance with the ACA) when in fact he believes the IRS prevision is misleading because it is not a “fine” but a tax credit.


Questions were also raised in reference to income adjustments how it affects premiums. Some staff employees have been moved to higher premiums due to their pay scale increases over the last year. This has basically nullified their increase in take home pay and in some cases decreased their take home pay depending on they landed in the tiers. Ms. Shore and Ms. Coker will try to address this with HR administration.


Ms. Shore was asked if HR can be contacted for consultation prior to a medical procedure (for coverage) and Ms. Shore said absolutely.


Other Business: Mell Hall Construction to begin very soon (over the holiday break).


Mr. Freeman gave a little background information on the new Green Dot program and how it relates to Auburn University. Mr. Eric Smith was scheduled to speak about Green Dot but was unable to attend the General Session. Mr. Freeman provided a web address to the program and noted that it was also accessible on the Staff Council home page.


Meeting adjourned.


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