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Minutes for the Meeting on September 15, 2015
2310 Student Center

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Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor 9:00 AM

General Session 9.15.2015


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Royrickers Cook from the Office of University Research


Mr. Cook thanked Staff Council for the invitation and for their hard work.


Mr. Cook shared about University Research and the goals for the future. He spoke of Auburns mission as a Land Grant institution and how Outreach connects the university to the community and the world as a whole. Topics of discussion included lifelong learning, done through economic development using avenues of community service through programs offered at OPCE, K-12, Faculty Engagement and OLIE. Mr. Cook has traveled around the world to help promote Auburn as a part of their marketing and networking strategy. Training through the various options at OPCE and OLIE come at a cost in some cases and at no cost in others. They have also worked with Korean companies and their leadership/employees as part of their ongoing mission in the community.


Dr. Cooks office is also working with underprivileged students in the state to help them recognize educational goals while at the same time introducing these in-state students to Auburn University. 


Another area of note is the Campus Kitchen. The Campus Kitchen works to make sure food is safe and can be distributed to those in need in the Auburn area.


As noted Auburns Outreach is very broad, working to be all things to all people.


Second Guest Speaker: Dan King, Facilities Director


Dan opened via Power Point to go over the following projects for 2015-2016 and beyond:


  1. After football season the new Mell Classroom Project will begin (new structure to be attached to the front of the Library). Some of the books in the library will be archived in a building near the Auburn Airport until the project is near completion (Summer 2017).
  2. School of Nursing/Pharmacy Research Facilities to begin construction after football season at the corner of Lem Morrison and Donahue Dr. 40 million dollar project that will help to create a health sciences corridor, connecting the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine with Nursing and Pharmacy (along with the Auburn University Research Park).
  3. Demolition of Parker/Allison Hall(s) with project construction to begin in the fall of 2017 on a new student classroom facility in the footprint of Parker and Allison. Physics faculty will go up to Leach Science Center (an addition will be built to the existing facility). Risk Management and Safety will have a building constructed on the Facilities Campus (Spring of 2016).
  4. Renovation of Polymer and Fiber Engineering (Now Called Engineering Research Labs) Spring of 2016. There will also be an Engineering Achievement Center constructed in the footprint of where the old L-Building and Engineering Shops are currently (to be demolished). The wind tunnel will also have to be moved to another location.
  5. (Possible Project). North End Zone addition. It would be done in two phases (1st season box and, locker room/seat construction/2nd Jumbotron/etc.)
  6. Demolition of CDV Residence Halls (Summer of 2016) to be converted into parking.
  7. Beard-Eaves Demolition sometime after the next three years. Sports medicine is occupying the space in the facility at this time.
  8. Renovation of the Hill Dorms (3 buildings at a time) to begin Summer of 2016.
  9. Mell Street may be perm. closed during construction of the Mell Classrooms.
  10. City of Auburn to install a new crosswalk at Thach to slow down traffic. Possible roundabout to be installed at W. Samford and Mell.
  11. Pharmacy is under consideration of remaining in place or move to new facility in the Healthcare Corridor.
  12. Possibility of a new parking deck where the L Bldg currently sits. University would rather piggyback a project with the city.



Third Speaker: Eric Smith, Dir. of Health Promotions and Wellness


Eric spoke briefly of the offices Alcohol/Drug programs on campus along with Suicide Prevention and sexual assault. A new program called Green Dot to be rolled out in October 29th and has the potential to reduce cases by 50%.


Safe Harbor (844 SAFE) 24/7 access.


If you see something suspicious do not hesitate to call or get involved. Red Dot is when something happens. Green Dot is there to prevent/address the issue if and when it does.

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