Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 16, 2015
CASIC Conference Room

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Pat Stapler, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, Althea Tate, Sharron Barney, Thomas Sharpe, Dorothy Dunn, Sonia Rivera, Charleen Thomas, Lauren Einhorn, Joseph Gulledge, Leigh Ballard, Ramona Shierling-Nelson, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Arthur Taylor and Jennifer Holt.
Representatives absent:
Paula Norrell, Nancy Griggs, Jeanetta Felton, Joe Ellis, Hollie Lee, James Lyons, Paul Barringer, Cindy Gulledge, Kathy Dowdell, Jessie Stinson, and Tammy Williams.
Call to Order:
9:05 AM

Intro-Michael Freeman

Facilities Updat:. Mel should start construction roughly around October. Other projects that may happen around the same time, new Performing Arts Center fully funded by donation going across from Jule Collins Smith Museum.  VCOM off Donahue is almost finished. Students arriving for that in the Fall.  In relatively near future new nursing college will be built in that area probably in Spring.


Merit and one time raises will continue. Instead of 2% and 2% it will be 3% and 2%.  3% for permanent increase and 2% for one time supplement.  It is up for discussion as to how the increase program will continue or if it will.

Two new board members are approved as at large members which will allow the board to search nationally to add diversity to the board membership.


Also the HR open house is tomorrow.  Group of Steering going to address some HR issues.


Kevin Coonrod (See Power Point Presentation) sept 2 years

Has been our Ombudsman for 2 years in September

Is a member International Ombudsman Association.  He represents independence, neutrality, confidentiality and informality.

Has sound mitigation system to increase confidentiality.  He does not get involved in formal processes such as grievance etc.  Would fight a subpoena if one did occur.  Joined mediator’s roster to qualify with mediators not having to disclose information.

If multiple complaints are gotten about a single issue then he can go above that person as high as necessary to help address the problem.

Workshops upcoming via the Ombuds office:


Working with High Conflict People

Bullying and Mobbing

Active Listening and Underlying Issues

Cooperative negotiation strategy


Presentation of Chair Elect Candidates


 Althea Tate:


BS Finance 2014

MS Counseling 2015

Earned both at Auburn.  Worked with the University Police Department 10 years, College of Engineering 6 years.

Joined Staff council in 2007. B2 Representative, on Steering, Grievance, Faculty Welfare, Budget Advisory committees.  Wants to focus on Employee Leave Bank for employees to be able to share their time to those who may need more.  Also wants to have an Equal Employee Treatment Study to address complaints of unfair working conditions and other discriminatory issues.  Wants to encourage all those on campus to be able to have the love for Auburn that she has been able to feel and to lend a voice to those who have felt unheard.

 Yvette Rivera


 Began as TES in Vet Med.  After 2 months began permanent at Library and has worked there  for 11 years.  Also in charge of hiring students at library. Currently supervisor to 130 students.  Rep of United Way for 10 years and chair of War on Hunger committee for 2 years.  Joined Staff Council and got on Steering to be a more informed employee.  Main focus to be fully informed and learn all she can in committees and bring information to people. She will be happy to represent the staff. She wants to keep staff informed and have staff involvement in classes and committees so that we can learn the why’s and the hows of how things work. She has heard of lack of communication to staff and wants to resolve that issue.



Voting completed and Althea Tate is new Chair-Elect.


Starting July 1st she will assume this role and Arthur Taylor will assume role as Chair. Michael Freeman will move to Immediate Past-Chair.

Chairperson Freeman acknowledged the work of Steering over the past year and appreciates the work Jennifer Holt has done for Staff Council over the last three years as an officer. Chairperson Freeman also thanked the work of the Representatives and vowed to continue the work he has been involved with through the remainder of his time as an officer. He is also committed to reforming the By-Laws to mirror that of the other three governing bodies on campus. 

 Open Discussion





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