Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on March 17, 2015
OIT Conference Room

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Nancy Griggs, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Tammy Williams, Brian Turner, Paul Barringer, Pat Stapler, Jeffrey Briskey, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Dorothy Dunn, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Lauren Einhorn, Joe Gulledge, Arthur Taylor, Michael Freeman, Jennifer Holt
Representatives absent:
Ramona Shierling-Nelson (excused), Jeanetta Felton, Joseph Ellis, Kathy Dowdell, Paula Norrell, Leigh Ballard (excused), Cindy Gulledge (excused)
Call to Order:
Michael Freeman 9:00AM

Guests: Don Andre Parking

Athletics group:  Don Large, David Benedict, Brian Keeter, Mary Boudreaux

Healthy Tigers: Tammy Hollis

Facilities Update: Michael Freeman


Michael:  New Website up and running and up to date.  Find a rep is not functioning now but will be manually fixed in the near future.


Parking Services:  Don Andre

Changes for next year:  License Plate recognition. Permits will not be issued. License plate registration will be done and info will be stored where your vehicle will be able to park. $20 per for anything more than 2 vehicles.  Preferred that vehicles do not back into spots to allow tag to be read easily but currently nothing will be done to penalize.  Permit fees and fines will stay the same.

Mell St.:  will be closed at some point when new classroom will be built. Might be one lane or totally closed from Thach to Library Drive…18 months to project finish.  Due to increased pedestrian traffic they may leave Mell closed. Buses will turn on Samford to Mell instead of Thach.

 New Parking zones: To alleviate empty spaces new zones will be formed.  Near public safety, in arena will have added B zone rows. Once Biggio is reopened the lot near it will be zoned C.


 Rule changes:


Non conventional Vehicle rule: Starting next year all NCV (golf carts) must be registered with parking services. Rules will apply to them such as they cannot block sidewalks or doors and etc. If these rules are broken carts can be towed.


Gotcha Bike program:  Free bike share program for faculty staff students. 75 bikes will be placed around campus. Sign up with the app and it will tell you of available bikes and you will choose one take it anywhere just bring it back within 24 hours to original location.  Bikes will be located in some of the more remote commuter lots.


Facutly Staff Football Ticket Change Update:

Still access to two tickets. 20% off each ticket, changed from 50% discount.  Was changed to conform to IRS rules allowing only a 20% discount without taxes.  The 30% was coming out of benefits fund. Now that money can help offset the new upcoming health care cost changes.

Will receive hard ticket like anyone else. They can be transferred to person of your choosing. No more use of IDs.  Still getting a good market value on our ticket…actually about 25% of market value. To offset the price change now the opportunity is offered to make payments from March to August to help deal with the increase.  Also, now a lottery is offered for away games and post season play. The new points encourage purchasing tickets every year to maintain your place in lines with your points.  Next year using a new program from the athletics dept you’ll be able to see the stadium and pick and choose what seats are available and choose what you want and keep it as long as you want.  This seat choice program with stadium view will begin next year. 


Healthy Tigers Tammy Hollis

Program began in 2010, optional, for any employee covered by our BCBS insurance. Incentivized program for up to $300 a year saved on insurance. Gives good info to learn your numbers and possible learn about health issues behind your numbers. BMI, BP, Glucose, Cholesterol. Have clinicians that travel to AUM and across the state to evaluate those who work for AU but are not on campus. The screening calendar can be activated for partial years if you miss deadlines for the end of the calendar year.  Clinic offers immunizations, Healthy Habits program, Pharmacy and many other programs available. Also participating in ScaleBack Alabama and Lunch and Learn Session with different information to help with living a healthy lifestyle. Many other programs are available.  Pharmacy is available with delivery on campus and an emergency number is available to call a pharmacist in to the office on the weekend to fill emergency prescriptions.


Michael Freeman

Beat the Heat Program:  Brought forth by Hollie Lee and Sharron Barney. Program to bring awareness to check the backseat to avoid leaving children or pets in the car in warmer weather. Facebook and Twitter pages are created.  This is not to stay campus specific but is something that will hopefully grow to a larger area.  Will promote steps pushed by NOAA and AVMA to create a campaign to promote hopefully statewide


Facilities update:

Dudley Hall and Commons should be done by Fall.

 Auburn University Administrative Complex (old Brunos)


Alumni Accounting

Some business offices




 Foy Dining Hall and Courtyard Improvements are done at the beginning of this year.


 Small Animal Teaching Hospital is basically done, some small cosmetic things are being finished up.


 Edward Via college of Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus hopefully to be completed in April 2015.  In the future the School of Nursing will be built in this area on South Donahue Drive.  Plans are to also at some point move School of Pharmacy out to this area once Nursing is done.


Woodfield drive extension is almost done that wraps around the Via college .

 Mell classroom facility will begin construction this summer with the closing of Mell street. Will be built onto the back of library. Once Mel is finished Allison and Parker will be taken down and a new classroom facility will be built. 


Food Services will be demolished once that bldg. is empty then a GradSchool for the college of business will be built in that location.

 Scoreboard (largest in country) is in the works will be ready for first game. Old one is already down. In the works to study the expansion of the south end zone with more premium seating possibly 10 years down the road.


 Volleyball has now moved from Beard Eaves and now only some storage and some Kinesiology located there so soon the Coliseum could be dealt with in the not so distant future.


 June general session will be electing new Chair Elect between Yvette Rivera and Althea Tate.





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