Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on December 16, 2014
Shelby Center Lecture Hall

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Sue Olson, Tammy Williams, Kathy Dowdell, Jeffrey Briskey, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Yvette Rivera, Lauren Einhorn, Arthur Taylor, Jennifer Holt, Michael Freeman
Representatives absent:
Joe Gulledge, Jeanetta Felton, Joseph Ellis, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Dorothy Dunn, James Lyons, Pat Stapler, Paul Barringer, Cindy Gulledge, Paula Norrell, Nancy Griggs, Leigh Ballard
Call to Order:
Michael Freeman

Michael and Arthur will review open positions in Feb. Elections will likely be in April. Michael will be in contact with further info.

Speakers Karla McCormick, Lynn Hammond Dori Weldon


Karla McCormick and Lynn Hammond


Lynn Hammond

Lynn started as a temp addressing Christmas cards for Dr. Philpott as President. She was on staff council and steering committee.

Right now in HR..last weekend moved into new Brunos location.  Concern with staff having access to HR due to the move. They’ll do all they can to be available including coming to campus if needed. Now Temp and training back together with HR. New training rooms and computer labs. Great parking. Transit also runs to new building. Lots of turnover happening. Hired new compensation director Rod Kelly, Karla taking over for Lynn merging payroll and benefits with HR with Karla as new leader of this merged dept. In Feb Info Systems director position will be available, Pat Deary retiring in June and Angela Earlendson also retiring. New teams will be forming.  There will be a new face for HR and a new emphasis on HR by administration. The strategic plan is partly focused on HR function. All processes in HR will be reviewed, rewards, pay development, etc. If anyone has input of suggestions, HR is looking for feedback about HR related issues. One item looking into is for employee reward and recognition they are possible considering giving employees a catalog to be able to choose their own gifts. These are the kinds of things the strategic plan is looking to improve.



Primary focus is departmental blending of payroll and HR and to gel the depts. Some part of Ingram Hall will be kept as a payroll representative on campus for those who need HR to come to campus for convenience purposes. With many new roles they ask for patience while the new team is developed. Payroll will still be in Ingram on the 5th of January but will go down on the 6th to move on 6th and 7th. If needed contact human resources and they will be able to find them.

Payday will be the 19th of December and people will be coming in over holidays to be sure people are paid on Jan 2nd.  Instead of estimating payrolls they decided people would come in over the holidays to actually run it.

Benefits: open enrollment went well with fair in rec and wellness center. Feedback requested on that new location. Not much change in the benefits package this year. The only relevant change is Flex account now for first time allows carryover of money from the previous year instead of use it or lose it. Max carryover is $500 without it effecting 2015. This does however eliminate the grace period.

Also of note: Some payroll people will stay in Ingram and form a tax office where sensitive employee documents will still be sent. It’s likely for the short term that HR and payroll will still have to come to Ingram to pick up documents.  But any necessary people who have moved can come to campus if staff needed. There will be a vehicle that will be at the new offices for staff to travel to campus if necessary. Transit will also consider new offices an on campus stop. There may at some time be a dedicated line on tiger transit for new hr offices. Karla’s goal is that new officers are known and readily available.


Rules will have to be established of what supervisors allow for necessary travel to the new Bruno’s office. New systems will have to be developed to notify supervisors of the new requirements with the new HR and payroll offices.


Dori Weldon

This year The Alumni Association wanted to make it clear those alumni benefits are here in Lee county mostly. The networking aspects are ideal.  Lee county auburn club is huge but alumni funds go to lee county students who want to go to auburn. The hospitality tent has great benefits on gameday which is free for alumni association members. The Auburn magazine is another benefit of memership. The membership for faculty staff is extending the discount of $25 annual membership.


Michael Freeman

Early February late January you’ll get info on changes in ticket prices in football. Discount will change to 20% from 50% due to IRS liability. Michael and athletics will have one on ones to discuss changes and options. You’ll have real regular tickets and you can do whatever you want with them. No ID required. There will be payment options that will be made available.  There is the possibility that ticket face value may drop which will be helpful to offset the discount change. Most other universities already do the 20% discount but often require extra donations.  All priority points are now based on consecutive years of tickets purchased. Also, there will be a lottery for away games and bowl game tickets. Lottery allows anyone to have an opportunity to get tickets for away and post season games.


Beat the Heat will continue to be pushed as Spring Approaches

Due to recent events there are plans to develop a new program called “Just Walk Away” to help people out of volatile possibly violent situations. Michael has reached out to different campus organizations to promote Just Walk Away to the state and possibly the nation.



Adopt a Spot is up and running.  Allows student groups and employees and any other group to get together and clean up certain areas clean on campus.  Bigger promotions start in January. Contact Jennifer Parker to get information on forming or joining a group.


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