Council Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 20, 2018
2223 Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by Charleen Thomas.

Guest speaker Jason Harbison from Trademark Management & Licensing was introduced.

  • Trademark Management & Licensing works with products in retail (AU Bookstore, Academy Sports, etc.).
  • There are 492 AU licensees and 4,226 retailers that sell AU merchandise.
  • Proceeds from logo sales go toward student scholarships.
  • This year is the 75th anniversary of the Creed. There will be a Creed emphasis at retail.


Roll call of Representatives conducted by Tammy Williams.


Elections for Steering Committee were held. There were four open seats. Three candidates spoke and were approved, one seat still need to be filled this year:

Ginger Vedder, Risk Management & Safety

Penny Houston, Human Resources

Lauren Einhorn, School of Kinesiology


Elections for Chair-Elect were held. There were two candidates:

Kim Brumbeloe, Engineering Outreach Cont. Ed

Jason Amling, Landscape Service


Kim Brumbeloe was elected Chair-Elect for 18-19.


New Business:

The new bereavement policy went into effect on May 1, 2018. Employees are now eligible for 4 hours of supervisor approved leave to attend a funeral of an AU employee or retired AU employee.


Old Business:

The hardship fund has raised $9,485.04 since its inception. Each approved employee is eligible for $1,000-$2,000 per request. The fund needs to have $20,000 at all times to cover costs. We need Staff Council members to help to raise awareness and encourage donations from our coworkers to sustain the fund.


Today was Althea Tate’s last Staff Council meeting. Tammy Williams will become Chair of Staff Council on July 1, 2018.


New Staff Council representatives were announced: Mark Elswick, Tamika Radford, Kimberly Ford, Zandra Davis, Kimberly McCadden, Cory O’Neal, Anthony Walker, Michael Large.


Door prize drawing was held.


Staff Council Professional Development Day will be held again next year.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:15am and Aubie came by for photos.


Minutes for the Meeting on March 20, 2018
2310 Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:

Staff Council General Session

March 20, 2018

Meeting called to order by Charleen Thomas.

Minutes read and approved.

Guest speaker Paige Patterson from Pharmacy, Health Services was introdced. 

  • Paige spoke briefly then introduced Ashley Reid with the Healthy Tigers program.  Ashley gave information regarding Healthy Tigers.  It is a volunteer health screening in which employees can receive a financial incentive each month in the form of a reduction in health insurance premiums.  It can be done on campus or at your physicians office.  Contact Healthy Tigers for more information. 
  • We were also informed of the Employee Pharmacy’s hours.  They are open Monday thru Friday 8am – 6pm and Thursdays from 9am to 6pm.  They offer full pharmacy benefits including on-campus delivery (this service is a 2 day turn around).

Guest speaker Chance Corbitt from Campus Safety & Security was introdced.

  • We were reminded that safety is everyone’s responsibility. 
  • Severe weather is our number one vulnerability at present.  Their office offers a storm spotters class in which you are taught what to look for in a severe weather event.
  • AU Alert is available for everyone and there is an automatic message sent to everyone’s email when an alert is issued.  If you want the alert sent to your phone you will need to sign up for that service.
  • If there is an emergency on campus immediately call 911.
  • All of the blue light phones on campus will call 911 when you push the emergency button.  These are designed so that a person could push the button on one unit then move to the next and do the same.  This allows police to track your movements on campus.


Roll call of Representatives was conducted by Chair-Elect Tammy Williams

Charleen Thomas reminded everyone that the President’s Installation would be held on March 20 at 10 am in the Arena.  Everyone was invited to attend.

We were also reminded of the next Staff Council General Session which is to be held on June 20 at 9 am in room 2326 of the Student Center.  At that meeting elections for Chair and Steering postions will be held.

Meeting was adjourned by Charleen at 10:45 am.


Minutes for the Meeting on December 5, 2017
2310 Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:

Staff Council General Session

December 5, 2017

Meeting called to order by Althea Tate.

Guest speaker Nancy Bernard from Career Center was introduced.

  • The Hardship Fund has been approved.
  • The Hardship Fund will be funded by donations from employees and others through the AU Foundation.
  • There will be an application process; each application will be reviewed by a committee to determine approval.
  • This fund is designed for employees that might experience a catastrophic event and need financial assistance (ie death of immediate family member, medical expenses, destruction of primary residence).
  • The application process should begin by this time next year.
  • This fund is not associated with the leave bank.
  • This fund is only available to full time regular employees.


Our second guest speaker Teresa Coker from Payroll & Benefits was introduced.

  • Ms. Coker informed attendees of what Auburn University’s pay out for health insurance has been in previous years (2016- $50 million; 2017- $52 million; 2018- expected $58 million).
  • All insurance premiums (the employees portion as well as Auburn’s matching portion) goes into one account.
  • Doctor’s Office co-pays will be increasing to $30 and specialists to $35.
  • There are still 5 tiers for drugs.  Employees were encouraged to take advantage of the AU Employee Pharmacy for prescription savings.
  • Employees were also reminded of the Healthy Tigers program.  Employees who go to a Healthy Tigers screening will receive $25 off of their health insurance premiums.  If your spouse does their Healthy Tigers Screening you will receive another $25 off.
  • Any prescriptions filled at CVS will continue to have an additional co-pay.  It will be increasing to $15.
  • Emergency Room – deductible will be increasing from $150 to $200; co-pays increasing from $30 to $50.
  • Hospitalization co-pays will be increasing also.  Surgical - $200; due to sickness - $200
  • Calendar year deductibles will increase to $250 per member (max 3)
  • In late December new Blue Cross Blue Shield cards will be sent.  The prefix for the contract number is changing from PPA to QAU.


New Business:

Althea Tate  announced that a Professional Development Day has been planned for all AU Staff.  This event will take place on April 18, 2018 from 8 am to 4 pm.  This event will be free of charge.  Supervisors will receive memo with details regarding the event soon.  Registration will open in late February or early March.  Everyone was encouraged to attend.


Old Business:

There was no old business.


Open Discussion:

Concern was expressed over the lack of notification for this quarters General Session.  Kim Brumbeloe is to look into why reminder was not sent.


Next General Session will be held on March 20, 2018 in room 2310 of the Student Center.


Meeting was adjourned.


Minutes for the Meeting on September 12, 2017
Student Center, 2223

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Charleen Thomas, Chair

Welcome and opening remarks: Charleen Thomas-Chair

Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton was the first speaker;

Dr. Clayton is the Associate Provost and Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity.

Dr. Clayton spoke about the Critical Speaking series that has tapped different distinguished scholars, journalists and thought leaders to come to campus and share their diverse perspectives and ideologies throughout the school year.

Dr. Clayton believes this is important for our students to understand people that have different views.

On September 1, 2017 Cornel West and Robert P. George came to campus and shared their different views. September 25, 2017 Howard Ross founder of Cook Ross will be the guest to speak.

Dr. Clayton urged all faculty, staff and students to attend.

Don Andre was our second speaker;

Mr. Andre is the Parking Manager for Auburn University Parking Services.

Mr. Andre spoke about how many parking spaces that we currently have on campus.

Mr. Andre spoke about the employee shuttle that will shuttle Auburn University faculty and staff into main campus. Employee’s areas of pickup are Thatch on the west side, Hemlock and Beach Street.

The new Performing Arts will have 300 new parking spaces.

Parking is rolling out a new app.

License plate recognition is working great 5,100 tickets since the first day of class.

Parking services is looking for additional parking spaces.


Althea Tate Immediate past Chair spoke on Auburn University Staff Professional Day.

Final Remarks Charleen Thomas

Thank you to Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton and Don Andre for sharing your expertise with Staff Council.

Next General Session December12, 2017 9:00am room 2326 Student Center

Meeting Adjourn-


Minutes for the Meeting on March 21, 2017
Student Center 2326

Representatives present:
All Accounted For
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Althea Tate 9:00AM

General Session Minutes


Welcome and opening remarks: Althea Tates - Chair


Guest Speakers-


I. Jay Jacobs- Athletic Director


* Thanks to all of you for your support that makes Auburn Athletics Great!


*Sports are going well but still working to get better


*This year we were able to put money in the bank


*We keep a mindset at what's better for our students


*We are open to any help for the Athletic Dept.


*Future renovation for the football stadium


II. David Mines- Inclusion Officer AU Athletics


*Have a commitment to the Athletic Dept.


*Member of the climate study for the University


*Provide more inclusive environment


*Foster more inclusive environment for staff


*Engage in community environment for our children in all parts of the country

III. DR. Taffye Clayton- Vice-President & Associate Provost Diversity & Inclusion

*This work is very purposeful work


*If you do good work it will make your way


*Broad and compromising work


*Seek to inform the things that are shared


Final Remarks: Athea Tates


*Board of Trustees voted that Dr Steven Leath be our new President of Auburn University


*We need committed people for Steering & Staff Representatives, all interested please contact Althea Tates


*Thanks to Jay Jacobs, David Mines, & Taffye Clayton for their presentations and to Kevin Coonrod

( University Ombusman ) for his continuing support


Meeting Ajourn-


Minutes for the Meeting on December 13, 2016
2222 Auburn University Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
9:00 AM (Althea Tate)


                                                              Staff Council General Session Minutes

                                                              December 13, 2016 at 9:00 am

                                                               Student Center Room 2222




* Meeting begin with opening remarks and welcome: Ms Althea Tate


* Guest Speakers: Rod Kelly, Associate President Human Resource Auburn University

Ann Shore Executive Director, Human Resources Auburn University


Kevin Koonrod, Ombudsman Auburn University


Jim O'Conner, Chief Information Officer ( OIT ) Auburn University



*Jim O'Conner-

Oversee OIT campus wide

Cyber Security: be  aware of giving your information given to unknown websites

Support Research Enterprise to large grants

Work hard on support Specialists

Foster Inclusion & Diversity

Upgrade Spam Security

Cyber threats are always at Auburn but we maintain to stay on top of it

Library ( OIT ) reopens 1/8/17


*Ann Shore & Rod Kelly

7.5% shortfall on insurance

5% premium increase

Three plan changes: Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Out of pocket limit for health insurance $6850.00 to $7150.00

Prescription drugs co-pay $10.00

Doctor visit co-pay $30.00

CVS Pharmacy is non preferred therefore if employees get prescription drugs for CVS there will be an additional $10.00

No Dental increase and vision will decrease in premium

AU pharmacy is open 24 hours contact numbers are 844-8939, 750-1048

Federal Judge haulted FLSA

All children under age 26 can be covered on insurance

Apply programs for new hire process

Since Jan. 1 some salaries went from $9.80 to $11.60 hr



*Kevin Koonrod

Fourth year here at Auburn University

Every visitor is treated with respect and honor

Friend of people

Look for more students to visit in the future

Suggested that Kevin come to Facilities and make a presentation


*Final Remarks: Althea

Leave Bank in process and is working with HR

Presidential search is underway

Our new Associate to Diversity and Inclusion is Ms Taffye Clayton

Please notify constituents on meetings to get information that they need


Meeting Ajourned

Minutes for the Meeting on September 13, 2016
Student Center 2310

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Kathy Dowdell, Michael Freeman
Call to Order:
Althea Tate 9:00AM

Welcome and opening remarks: Althea Tate's

Introduction of speaker: Althea Tate's

Speaker: Rod Kelly, Senior Director Talent Management HR

* What information do yo want to know?

a. Reclassification 

d. Hire process

b. Time Change    

e. Performance

c. Promotions  Evaluations


* The University pays $560,000,000 each year in salaries

* There's 1,100 supervisors on campus

* Evaluate jobs and put dollars on job description

* Creating a marketing survey database

* Job evaluation- What you do

Performance evaluation- How you do

* 771 people will be effected as non - exempt beginning October 30th



* Leave bank committee met on Monday September 12th

* Representatives are asked to notify constituents to inform them about meetings

* Committee plans a welcome event for all new members come spring of 2017


Closing remarks:

Thanks to Kevin Koonrod for his support


Meeting Ajourn


Minutes for the Meeting on June 28, 2016
Student Center 2326

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor

General Session 06.28.2016


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:02AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes were posted on the website for December


Agenda provided by Chairperson Taylor


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Timothy Boosinger, Provost


Dr. Boosinger opened with remarks about issues regarding the fire at the Lowder Building and how it may affect the summer and early fall. Lowder will be down for at least the rest of the summer. Employees will be allowed into their portions of the building when safe. Classes have already been moved to other facilities.


Auburn continues to be a first choice for students. We have a robust summer program for close to 10,000 students taking classes. AU is also offering more distance options which help in retention and graduation rates. Graduation rates continue to rise and flexibility is a key component to that. A push is underway to get more students to finish in 4 years, which is an important benchmark for Auburn and its goals.


Dr. Boosinger spoke about Camp War Eagle and the interaction with parents during this time. The university wanted to get feedback from the audience about the student environment and their interaction with others. He also spoke about the diversity survey and the subsequent implementation of steps being made to address issues gleaned from the Climate Report. Many groups were involved to help accomplish this task.


Multicultural Program located in the Student Center is a gateway to diversity. Measures are in place to increase cultural diversity throughout the student body. A focus being made to help financially challenged get into Auburn. Of the financially challenged 60% or African American and 40% are Caucasian.


Dr. Boosinger also spoke about the working environment at Auburn University and of priorities within the new diversity initiative. He also spoke about the education opportunities and the options we have as employees.


Searches ongoing: V.P. for Business and Finance, Dean for the School of Pharmacy and a CIO for the university (Chief Information Officer).


A transition is underway to a new budget model.


Question and Answer


Q: Is the university thinking about offering more night classes for non-traditional students?

A: Dr. Boosinger stated he will look into this. He referenced that the FLMA is posing issues with employees in this regard.


Dr. Boosinger also informed of a new advising center along with an early alert program to assist students with majors and classes.



Candidates for Steering Offered before the Council. Election not needed due to number of seats and candidates being equal but a vote taken to approve each candidate for the seat they are running for.


Candidate 1: Dorothy Dunn, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Mothery/Wife with two children
  • Been with the university for 9 years
  • Worked with W.P. Stevens as an accountant
  • Managed over 30 people at West Point Stevens
  • Loves to advocate for others
  • Will make a professional commitment to Staff Council
  • Believes in the cause


Candidate 2: Tammy Williams, Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Worked 26 years in retail @ Anders Bookstore
  • Been at Auburn University since 2012
  • Assistant Manager at Anders
  • Believes in Auburn
  • MA in Human Resources
  • Wants to improve communications
  • Committed to Staff Council
  • An advocate for others


Candidate 3: Sue Olson, Career Center

  • Been at AU since 1998
  • Worked in the Office of Information and Technology
  • Previous Steering member/Staff Council Rep. until layed off in 2013
  • Has worked at the Career Center for 2 years
  • Serves on multiple committees
  • Member of the Membership and Communications Committee
  • Continues to help streamline membership information
  • Serves on the Concessions Board, Health and Wellness and Traffic Appeals
  • Committed to Staff Council


Candidate 4: Tonya Stringer, Nutrition-Dietetics and Hospitality

  • Employed at Auburn for 10 years
  • Wife with 4 children
  • Involved in her church
  • EADA Serves
  • Loves AU and has a great boss
  • Wants to work serving others and make a difference


Chair-Elect Candidate


Charlene Thomas, Business Officer Auditor

  • Communicates to a wide audience everyday
  • Loves her job (28 years of service)
  • Has a son, daughter and three grandchildren
  • Involved in her church, AWANA.
  • Staff Council Rep for 7 years
  • Steering for 3 years
  • Will work to address the needs of staff through her voice and her ability to listen and make important judgement calls on the issues we face.


Each candidate elected with a motion and voted on unanimously with no opposition.


Mr. Taylor thanked everyone for their help and support during his time as Chair.


Kevin Coonrod asked to speak briefly. He thanked everyone and explained his role as Ombudsman and that his office facilitates conversation between parties in hopes of resolution.


Mr. Freeman thanked everyone on Council for their assistance during his time as an officer of Staff Council. He stated that he will continue to serve as a representative while also being available for anyone who may need consultation.  


Meeting Adjourned


Minutes for the Meeting on March 29, 2016
Student Center 2326

Representatives present:
Contact Mr. Taylor
Representatives absent:
Contact Mr. Taylor
Call to Order:
Arthur Tayor

General Session 03.29.2016


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:02AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes were posted on the website for December


Agenda provided by Chairperson Taylor


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Jay Gogue, President of Auburn University


Dr. Gogue opened with remarks about issues on the radar for the university that included the universities responsibilities to the new Department of Education requirements to report sexual assault using a preponderance of evidence as a guide when dealing with cases involving assault.  Some of the outlying issues with reporting include delays of reporting by victims where the incident happens at night and when alcohol is involved. The parties will be brought in to insure honest reporting. It’s a work in progress but the university is driven to improve and manage appropriately.




Information from the Diversity Plan coming soon using the results of the survey sent out earlier this year.


State Issues


A notable decline in graduations rates in the state for 2015. Another notable statistic is that 10,000 less African American kids going to college today than in 2010.


Alabama Budget: The university has seen a 37% cut since 2006. The state has implemented $100,000,000 in cuts over that time period for college education. The State of Alabama ranks 9th in the country in terms of investment of its tax dollars to education.   


Auburn Issues


Ten years ago Auburn had a 60% graduation rate (50% in 4 yr attendance). Today we are at 73%.


  • Top 10 nationally in terms of quality for online education.
  • Forbes ranks Auburn as the best college in Alabama.
  • Only 3 others SEC Schools considered the best in their state.


Board of Trustees Meeting in 2 weeks with consideration being made for a 2-3% tuition increase.


Dr. Gogue opened the floor for questions. Ginger Vedder asked about the possible community college consolidation and the impact it may have on Auburn. Dr. Gogue mentioned that 70% of coursework at the two year colleges doesn’t translate into a 4 year program so the impact wouldn’t be notable.



Speaker 2: Susan McCallister, Auburn University Public Safety


Green Dot Program


Susan opened by explaining what the “We Dot Auburn” program is about and how it came to be. The program was created as an anti-violence/stop violence program at the University of Kentucky as a way to change the culture on campus and beyond. Everyone has a role to play in helping to implement and maintain the program here at AU. The program is coordinated through the Office of Health Promotion (via Eric Smith).


The university noticed that the statewide program reduced violence between 50-60% after implementation. Susan used a PowerPoint to explain the meaning of the “dots” colored red and green. The red dots are used to highlight negative or violent acts and the green dots are used to show where someone stepped in to assist someone being harmed or to help abort a possible violent act. Using statements like “Is everything ok?” or “Do you need any help” can often diffuse a confrontation. Auburn is seeing more and more reporting which is what the program is designed to do as implementation continues. Forty five people have been trained to implement the program. The goal is to reach 6,000 people by 2018.


Staff involvement?

  • Make a clear statements like “We do not tolerate violence”
  • Contact Health Promotions and Wellness Services to schedule a Green Dot presentation for your group


A safety AP is in the works.


Mr. Freeman spoke about ongoing issues with area rosters and he hopes to get things situated once the FLMA issues are addressed.


Meeting Adjourned


Minutes for the Meeting on December 8, 2015
2326 Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor 9:06 AM

General Session 12.08.2015


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order (9:06AM)


Minutes: Mr. Freeman noted the minutes will be posted on the website for September and December on January 4th or 5th


First Guest Speaker: Ann Shore, Human Resources/Insurance


Ms. Shore opened with a brief on the changes at HR and the move to the new facility off of East University and Glenn.


Ms. Shore moved onto the Healthcare Insurance plan changes to better adapt to the Affordable Care Act requirements, 1095C distribution Benefits Statement under Alabama Law, Electronic Enrollment, and the 2016 Plan design. She expounded on each bullet point (power point), advising everyone to read through the packets given out earlier in the fall for reference. She highlighted each point and added an explanation as to why a change was needed. Electronic Enrollment will be in place by October/November of 2016 (their goal).


Plan Design Changes 2016

  1. Office Visit Co-Pay to increase to $35.00 from $25.00
  2. Specialists Co-Pay will also increase to $35.00 from $25.00
  3. Emergency Room Co-Pays to increase to $150.00 from $100.00 for the with an additional $30.00 for the Physician.
  4. Prescription Drug Tier Co-Pay Changes. Generic Drugs Tier I: $0-$10. Tier II: $10-$20.
  5. Preferred Brands $50.00. Non preferred brands and single service generics $80.00. Specialty Medications $120.00.
  6. Prescription Drug Formula Changes: Exclusion of Nexium, Non OTC at 20% of cost of generics. Nasal Steroid Covered-Flonase. Nasonex is from birth to age 4.
  7. Introduction of Tiger Meds Cholesterol Program
  8. Flex Accounts limit: $2,550
  9. No increases to dental or cancer insurance




Why are Co-Pays increasing? Changes in insurance as a result of the ACA have made it necessary to increase the co-pays. Added benefits do come with the changes. Ms. Shore also explained the self-insurance definition.


Mr. Varner (Past Chair) challenged the university by questioning why Auburn is using the ACA as a reason to increase premiums. He doesn’t agree with the universities position that the ACA is the reason for changing the plan. He also questioned why the university is using the term “a fine” (in terms of non-compliance with the ACA) when in fact he believes the IRS prevision is misleading because it is not a “fine” but a tax credit.


Questions were also raised in reference to income adjustments how it affects premiums. Some staff employees have been moved to higher premiums due to their pay scale increases over the last year. This has basically nullified their increase in take home pay and in some cases decreased their take home pay depending on they landed in the tiers. Ms. Shore and Ms. Coker will try to address this with HR administration.


Ms. Shore was asked if HR can be contacted for consultation prior to a medical procedure (for coverage) and Ms. Shore said absolutely.


Other Business: Mell Hall Construction to begin very soon (over the holiday break).


Mr. Freeman gave a little background information on the new Green Dot program and how it relates to Auburn University. Mr. Eric Smith was scheduled to speak about Green Dot but was unable to attend the General Session. Mr. Freeman provided a web address to the program and noted that it was also accessible on the Staff Council home page.


Meeting adjourned.


Minutes for the Meeting on September 15, 2015
2310 Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Arthur Taylor 9:00 AM

General Session 9.15.2015


Intro-Arthur Taylor Called to Order


First Guest Speaker: Dr. Royrickers Cook from the Office of University Research


Mr. Cook thanked Staff Council for the invitation and for their hard work.


Mr. Cook shared about University Research and the goals for the future. He spoke of Auburns mission as a Land Grant institution and how Outreach connects the university to the community and the world as a whole. Topics of discussion included lifelong learning, done through economic development using avenues of community service through programs offered at OPCE, K-12, Faculty Engagement and OLIE. Mr. Cook has traveled around the world to help promote Auburn as a part of their marketing and networking strategy. Training through the various options at OPCE and OLIE come at a cost in some cases and at no cost in others. They have also worked with Korean companies and their leadership/employees as part of their ongoing mission in the community.


Dr. Cooks office is also working with underprivileged students in the state to help them recognize educational goals while at the same time introducing these in-state students to Auburn University. 


Another area of note is the Campus Kitchen. The Campus Kitchen works to make sure food is safe and can be distributed to those in need in the Auburn area.


As noted Auburns Outreach is very broad, working to be all things to all people.


Second Guest Speaker: Dan King, Facilities Director


Dan opened via Power Point to go over the following projects for 2015-2016 and beyond:


  1. After football season the new Mell Classroom Project will begin (new structure to be attached to the front of the Library). Some of the books in the library will be archived in a building near the Auburn Airport until the project is near completion (Summer 2017).
  2. School of Nursing/Pharmacy Research Facilities to begin construction after football season at the corner of Lem Morrison and Donahue Dr. 40 million dollar project that will help to create a health sciences corridor, connecting the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine with Nursing and Pharmacy (along with the Auburn University Research Park).
  3. Demolition of Parker/Allison Hall(s) with project construction to begin in the fall of 2017 on a new student classroom facility in the footprint of Parker and Allison. Physics faculty will go up to Leach Science Center (an addition will be built to the existing facility). Risk Management and Safety will have a building constructed on the Facilities Campus (Spring of 2016).
  4. Renovation of Polymer and Fiber Engineering (Now Called Engineering Research Labs) Spring of 2016. There will also be an Engineering Achievement Center constructed in the footprint of where the old L-Building and Engineering Shops are currently (to be demolished). The wind tunnel will also have to be moved to another location.
  5. (Possible Project). North End Zone addition. It would be done in two phases (1st season box and, locker room/seat construction/2nd Jumbotron/etc.)
  6. Demolition of CDV Residence Halls (Summer of 2016) to be converted into parking.
  7. Beard-Eaves Demolition sometime after the next three years. Sports medicine is occupying the space in the facility at this time.
  8. Renovation of the Hill Dorms (3 buildings at a time) to begin Summer of 2016.
  9. Mell Street may be perm. closed during construction of the Mell Classrooms.
  10. City of Auburn to install a new crosswalk at Thach to slow down traffic. Possible roundabout to be installed at W. Samford and Mell.
  11. Pharmacy is under consideration of remaining in place or move to new facility in the Healthcare Corridor.
  12. Possibility of a new parking deck where the L Bldg currently sits. University would rather piggyback a project with the city.



Third Speaker: Eric Smith, Dir. of Health Promotions and Wellness


Eric spoke briefly of the offices Alcohol/Drug programs on campus along with Suicide Prevention and sexual assault. A new program called Green Dot to be rolled out in October 29th and has the potential to reduce cases by 50%.


Safe Harbor (844 SAFE) 24/7 access.


If you see something suspicious do not hesitate to call or get involved. Red Dot is when something happens. Green Dot is there to prevent/address the issue if and when it does.

 Open Discussion



Minutes for the Meeting on June 16, 2015
CASIC Conference Room

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Pat Stapler, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, Althea Tate, Sharron Barney, Thomas Sharpe, Dorothy Dunn, Sonia Rivera, Charleen Thomas, Lauren Einhorn, Joseph Gulledge, Leigh Ballard, Ramona Shierling-Nelson, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Arthur Taylor and Jennifer Holt.
Representatives absent:
Paula Norrell, Nancy Griggs, Jeanetta Felton, Joe Ellis, Hollie Lee, James Lyons, Paul Barringer, Cindy Gulledge, Kathy Dowdell, Jessie Stinson, and Tammy Williams.
Call to Order:
9:05 AM

Intro-Michael Freeman

Facilities Updat:. Mel should start construction roughly around October. Other projects that may happen around the same time, new Performing Arts Center fully funded by donation going across from Jule Collins Smith Museum.  VCOM off Donahue is almost finished. Students arriving for that in the Fall.  In relatively near future new nursing college will be built in that area probably in Spring.


Merit and one time raises will continue. Instead of 2% and 2% it will be 3% and 2%.  3% for permanent increase and 2% for one time supplement.  It is up for discussion as to how the increase program will continue or if it will.

Two new board members are approved as at large members which will allow the board to search nationally to add diversity to the board membership.


Also the HR open house is tomorrow.  Group of Steering going to address some HR issues.


Kevin Coonrod (See Power Point Presentation) sept 2 years

Has been our Ombudsman for 2 years in September

Is a member International Ombudsman Association.  He represents independence, neutrality, confidentiality and informality.

Has sound mitigation system to increase confidentiality.  He does not get involved in formal processes such as grievance etc.  Would fight a subpoena if one did occur.  Joined mediator’s roster to qualify with mediators not having to disclose information.

If multiple complaints are gotten about a single issue then he can go above that person as high as necessary to help address the problem.

Workshops upcoming via the Ombuds office:


Working with High Conflict People

Bullying and Mobbing

Active Listening and Underlying Issues

Cooperative negotiation strategy


Presentation of Chair Elect Candidates


 Althea Tate:


BS Finance 2014

MS Counseling 2015

Earned both at Auburn.  Worked with the University Police Department 10 years, College of Engineering 6 years.

Joined Staff council in 2007. B2 Representative, on Steering, Grievance, Faculty Welfare, Budget Advisory committees.  Wants to focus on Employee Leave Bank for employees to be able to share their time to those who may need more.  Also wants to have an Equal Employee Treatment Study to address complaints of unfair working conditions and other discriminatory issues.  Wants to encourage all those on campus to be able to have the love for Auburn that she has been able to feel and to lend a voice to those who have felt unheard.

 Yvette Rivera


 Began as TES in Vet Med.  After 2 months began permanent at Library and has worked there  for 11 years.  Also in charge of hiring students at library. Currently supervisor to 130 students.  Rep of United Way for 10 years and chair of War on Hunger committee for 2 years.  Joined Staff Council and got on Steering to be a more informed employee.  Main focus to be fully informed and learn all she can in committees and bring information to people. She will be happy to represent the staff. She wants to keep staff informed and have staff involvement in classes and committees so that we can learn the why’s and the hows of how things work. She has heard of lack of communication to staff and wants to resolve that issue.



Voting completed and Althea Tate is new Chair-Elect.


Starting July 1st she will assume this role and Arthur Taylor will assume role as Chair. Michael Freeman will move to Immediate Past-Chair.

Chairperson Freeman acknowledged the work of Steering over the past year and appreciates the work Jennifer Holt has done for Staff Council over the last three years as an officer. Chairperson Freeman also thanked the work of the Representatives and vowed to continue the work he has been involved with through the remainder of his time as an officer. He is also committed to reforming the By-Laws to mirror that of the other three governing bodies on campus. 

 Open Discussion





Minutes for the Meeting on March 17, 2015
OIT Conference Room

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Nancy Griggs, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Tammy Williams, Brian Turner, Paul Barringer, Pat Stapler, Jeffrey Briskey, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Dorothy Dunn, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Lauren Einhorn, Joe Gulledge, Arthur Taylor, Michael Freeman, Jennifer Holt
Representatives absent:
Ramona Shierling-Nelson (excused), Jeanetta Felton, Joseph Ellis, Kathy Dowdell, Paula Norrell, Leigh Ballard (excused), Cindy Gulledge (excused)
Call to Order:
Michael Freeman 9:00AM

Guests: Don Andre Parking

Athletics group:  Don Large, David Benedict, Brian Keeter, Mary Boudreaux

Healthy Tigers: Tammy Hollis

Facilities Update: Michael Freeman


Michael:  New Website up and running and up to date.  Find a rep is not functioning now but will be manually fixed in the near future.


Parking Services:  Don Andre

Changes for next year:  License Plate recognition. Permits will not be issued. License plate registration will be done and info will be stored where your vehicle will be able to park. $20 per for anything more than 2 vehicles.  Preferred that vehicles do not back into spots to allow tag to be read easily but currently nothing will be done to penalize.  Permit fees and fines will stay the same.

Mell St.:  will be closed at some point when new classroom will be built. Might be one lane or totally closed from Thach to Library Drive…18 months to project finish.  Due to increased pedestrian traffic they may leave Mell closed. Buses will turn on Samford to Mell instead of Thach.

 New Parking zones: To alleviate empty spaces new zones will be formed.  Near public safety, in arena will have added B zone rows. Once Biggio is reopened the lot near it will be zoned C.


 Rule changes:


Non conventional Vehicle rule: Starting next year all NCV (golf carts) must be registered with parking services. Rules will apply to them such as they cannot block sidewalks or doors and etc. If these rules are broken carts can be towed.


Gotcha Bike program:  Free bike share program for faculty staff students. 75 bikes will be placed around campus. Sign up with the app and it will tell you of available bikes and you will choose one take it anywhere just bring it back within 24 hours to original location.  Bikes will be located in some of the more remote commuter lots.


Facutly Staff Football Ticket Change Update:

Still access to two tickets. 20% off each ticket, changed from 50% discount.  Was changed to conform to IRS rules allowing only a 20% discount without taxes.  The 30% was coming out of benefits fund. Now that money can help offset the new upcoming health care cost changes.

Will receive hard ticket like anyone else. They can be transferred to person of your choosing. No more use of IDs.  Still getting a good market value on our ticket…actually about 25% of market value. To offset the price change now the opportunity is offered to make payments from March to August to help deal with the increase.  Also, now a lottery is offered for away games and post season play. The new points encourage purchasing tickets every year to maintain your place in lines with your points.  Next year using a new program from the athletics dept you’ll be able to see the stadium and pick and choose what seats are available and choose what you want and keep it as long as you want.  This seat choice program with stadium view will begin next year. 


Healthy Tigers Tammy Hollis

Program began in 2010, optional, for any employee covered by our BCBS insurance. Incentivized program for up to $300 a year saved on insurance. Gives good info to learn your numbers and possible learn about health issues behind your numbers. BMI, BP, Glucose, Cholesterol. Have clinicians that travel to AUM and across the state to evaluate those who work for AU but are not on campus. The screening calendar can be activated for partial years if you miss deadlines for the end of the calendar year.  Clinic offers immunizations, Healthy Habits program, Pharmacy and many other programs available. Also participating in ScaleBack Alabama and Lunch and Learn Session with different information to help with living a healthy lifestyle. Many other programs are available.  Pharmacy is available with delivery on campus and an emergency number is available to call a pharmacist in to the office on the weekend to fill emergency prescriptions.


Michael Freeman

Beat the Heat Program:  Brought forth by Hollie Lee and Sharron Barney. Program to bring awareness to check the backseat to avoid leaving children or pets in the car in warmer weather. Facebook and Twitter pages are created.  This is not to stay campus specific but is something that will hopefully grow to a larger area.  Will promote steps pushed by NOAA and AVMA to create a campaign to promote hopefully statewide


Facilities update:

Dudley Hall and Commons should be done by Fall.

 Auburn University Administrative Complex (old Brunos)


Alumni Accounting

Some business offices




 Foy Dining Hall and Courtyard Improvements are done at the beginning of this year.


 Small Animal Teaching Hospital is basically done, some small cosmetic things are being finished up.


 Edward Via college of Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus hopefully to be completed in April 2015.  In the future the School of Nursing will be built in this area on South Donahue Drive.  Plans are to also at some point move School of Pharmacy out to this area once Nursing is done.


Woodfield drive extension is almost done that wraps around the Via college .

 Mell classroom facility will begin construction this summer with the closing of Mell street. Will be built onto the back of library. Once Mel is finished Allison and Parker will be taken down and a new classroom facility will be built. 


Food Services will be demolished once that bldg. is empty then a GradSchool for the college of business will be built in that location.

 Scoreboard (largest in country) is in the works will be ready for first game. Old one is already down. In the works to study the expansion of the south end zone with more premium seating possibly 10 years down the road.


 Volleyball has now moved from Beard Eaves and now only some storage and some Kinesiology located there so soon the Coliseum could be dealt with in the not so distant future.


 June general session will be electing new Chair Elect between Yvette Rivera and Althea Tate.





Minutes for the Meeting on December 16, 2014
Shelby Center Lecture Hall

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Sue Olson, Tammy Williams, Kathy Dowdell, Jeffrey Briskey, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Yvette Rivera, Lauren Einhorn, Arthur Taylor, Jennifer Holt, Michael Freeman
Representatives absent:
Joe Gulledge, Jeanetta Felton, Joseph Ellis, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Dorothy Dunn, James Lyons, Pat Stapler, Paul Barringer, Cindy Gulledge, Paula Norrell, Nancy Griggs, Leigh Ballard
Call to Order:
Michael Freeman

Michael and Arthur will review open positions in Feb. Elections will likely be in April. Michael will be in contact with further info.

Speakers Karla McCormick, Lynn Hammond Dori Weldon


Karla McCormick and Lynn Hammond


Lynn Hammond

Lynn started as a temp addressing Christmas cards for Dr. Philpott as President. She was on staff council and steering committee.

Right now in HR..last weekend moved into new Brunos location.  Concern with staff having access to HR due to the move. They’ll do all they can to be available including coming to campus if needed. Now Temp and training back together with HR. New training rooms and computer labs. Great parking. Transit also runs to new building. Lots of turnover happening. Hired new compensation director Rod Kelly, Karla taking over for Lynn merging payroll and benefits with HR with Karla as new leader of this merged dept. In Feb Info Systems director position will be available, Pat Deary retiring in June and Angela Earlendson also retiring. New teams will be forming.  There will be a new face for HR and a new emphasis on HR by administration. The strategic plan is partly focused on HR function. All processes in HR will be reviewed, rewards, pay development, etc. If anyone has input of suggestions, HR is looking for feedback about HR related issues. One item looking into is for employee reward and recognition they are possible considering giving employees a catalog to be able to choose their own gifts. These are the kinds of things the strategic plan is looking to improve.



Primary focus is departmental blending of payroll and HR and to gel the depts. Some part of Ingram Hall will be kept as a payroll representative on campus for those who need HR to come to campus for convenience purposes. With many new roles they ask for patience while the new team is developed. Payroll will still be in Ingram on the 5th of January but will go down on the 6th to move on 6th and 7th. If needed contact human resources and they will be able to find them.

Payday will be the 19th of December and people will be coming in over holidays to be sure people are paid on Jan 2nd.  Instead of estimating payrolls they decided people would come in over the holidays to actually run it.

Benefits: open enrollment went well with fair in rec and wellness center. Feedback requested on that new location. Not much change in the benefits package this year. The only relevant change is Flex account now for first time allows carryover of money from the previous year instead of use it or lose it. Max carryover is $500 without it effecting 2015. This does however eliminate the grace period.

Also of note: Some payroll people will stay in Ingram and form a tax office where sensitive employee documents will still be sent. It’s likely for the short term that HR and payroll will still have to come to Ingram to pick up documents.  But any necessary people who have moved can come to campus if staff needed. There will be a vehicle that will be at the new offices for staff to travel to campus if necessary. Transit will also consider new offices an on campus stop. There may at some time be a dedicated line on tiger transit for new hr offices. Karla’s goal is that new officers are known and readily available.


Rules will have to be established of what supervisors allow for necessary travel to the new Bruno’s office. New systems will have to be developed to notify supervisors of the new requirements with the new HR and payroll offices.


Dori Weldon

This year The Alumni Association wanted to make it clear those alumni benefits are here in Lee county mostly. The networking aspects are ideal.  Lee county auburn club is huge but alumni funds go to lee county students who want to go to auburn. The hospitality tent has great benefits on gameday which is free for alumni association members. The Auburn magazine is another benefit of memership. The membership for faculty staff is extending the discount of $25 annual membership.


Michael Freeman

Early February late January you’ll get info on changes in ticket prices in football. Discount will change to 20% from 50% due to IRS liability. Michael and athletics will have one on ones to discuss changes and options. You’ll have real regular tickets and you can do whatever you want with them. No ID required. There will be payment options that will be made available.  There is the possibility that ticket face value may drop which will be helpful to offset the discount change. Most other universities already do the 20% discount but often require extra donations.  All priority points are now based on consecutive years of tickets purchased. Also, there will be a lottery for away games and bowl game tickets. Lottery allows anyone to have an opportunity to get tickets for away and post season games.


Beat the Heat will continue to be pushed as Spring Approaches

Due to recent events there are plans to develop a new program called “Just Walk Away” to help people out of volatile possibly violent situations. Michael has reached out to different campus organizations to promote Just Walk Away to the state and possibly the nation.



Adopt a Spot is up and running.  Allows student groups and employees and any other group to get together and clean up certain areas clean on campus.  Bigger promotions start in January. Contact Jennifer Parker to get information on forming or joining a group.


Minutes for the Meeting on September 16, 2014
OIT Conference Room

Representatives present:
Donna Childers, Mary Sinnott, Tanya Stringer, Paula Norrell, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Tammy Williams, Jeffrey Briskey, Kelly Sharpe, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Dorothy Dunn, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Lauren Einhorn, Joe Gulledge, Arthur Taylor, Michael Freeman, Jennifer Holt, Chuck Ciocco
Representatives absent:
lthea Tate (Graduate School), Leigh Ballard, Nancy Griggs, Kathy Dowdell (Dr. Appointment), Cindy Gulledge (Work Related), Paul Barringer, Pat Stapler, Lyn Long, James Lyons (Work Related), Joseph Ellis, Jeanetta Felton
Call to Order:
Michael Freeman

resentations by Michael Kensler on Sustainability and JohnVarner on history of Staff Council  


Chair Michael Freeman welcomes everyone and introduces MichaelKensler from the Office of Sustainability on campus and John Varner as StaffCouncil Historian as speakers in our meeting today.


Michael Kensler

Mr. Kensler presents a slide show discussing the purpose andgoals of his office.

Auburn has made a lot of commitments to sustainability.Sustainability is more than recycling it is about meeting human needs now andin the future, in a way that’s fair just and equitable, while protecting andmaintaining healthy ecosystems in perpetuity.

Mr. Kensler discussed using the sustainability compass withNature, Wellbeing, Economy and Society representing the 4 points on thecompass.

The ideology of sustainability works so that communities areencouraged to live with the laws of nature, have a fair and prosperous economy,have a sense of fairness in social engagement, and that each individual isnurtured.

What does it mean to be successful in sustainability:  planning for the long term preferred outcomesusing processes that work toward the vision of meeting long term sustainabilitygoals.


At this point Chair Freeman mentions the Adopt-A-Spotprogram that the University will soon be adopting where groups of faculty,staff and students can adopt an area of campus and make sure there area is neatand litter-free.  This ties in well tothe sustainability goals for Auburn University.


John Varner presents a brief history of Staff Council

Mr. Varner began as a student at Auburn in 1977 and onceemployed here began serving on the Staff Council in the late 1990’s. He wasChair of the Staff Council in 2003.

Mr. Varner  gave abrief overview of some major points of the 41 years of Council  history.

In 1993, then Auburn University President Muse brokeemployees into 3 groups which were faculty, administrative and professionals,and staff.

The Auburn University Staff Council began 1973, for the mostpart due to an administration letter asking for contact people within thedepartments in case of advisory needs for employee issues.

September 20, 1976 was the first meeting of theCouncil.  The group elected officers atthis point.

In the early years the Council was made up of all women,mostly administrative assistants usually to school Deans.

In 1984, it was announced that employees could serve oncommittees which opened up a new door for the staff voice to be heard withinthe administration.

In 1986, the mission of the Council was declared it as acommunication vehicle between the staff and the administration.

In 1989,  therecommendations of the staff began to affect policy in areas such as maternity leave, recruiting techniques, salarydetermination, vacation leave accrual, job classifications etc.

Over the years of its existence the Staff Council has had ahand in many accomplishments for the Staff of Auburn University. The councilhas helped work on the University budget, insurance and benefits, presidentscommittees, improved sick leave, participation in annuity program, gaining staffrepresentation on additional committees, assisting in development andimplementation of employee assistance program, establishment of staff recognitioncommittee, tuition waiver and many more.

In 2003, Mr. Varner’s predecessor celebrated 30thanniversary of the Staff Council.

Other Staff Council Updates

Chair Freeman updated the group on committees and theirprogresses.

Many committees have not yet resumed meetings for fall.

The Insurance and Benefits Committee hasn’t met yet but anynew developments in that area will be brought to the Council as they arrive.

The Traffic Appeals Board is currently meeting.

The Committee for Intercollegiate Athletics subcommittee onTickets and Seating has been meeting to address some upcoming changes in theticketing and pricing for faculty and staff. These changes have yet to be finalized but Chair Freeman and ChairHamberlin of the Administrative and Professional Assembly are working to getthe best possible outcome for all of campus.

There was a brief discussion of the mixed feelings towardthe new AU News format as opposed to AU Daily.

The new Staff Council Website is almost ready to be launched.  Chair Freeman previously sent out links tomembers so they could look at a test site to get an idea of what the newwebsite will be like.  The new siteshould be available very soon.

Dismissed 10:58


Minutes for the Meeting on June 12, 2014
OIT Conference Room

Representatives present:
Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Sue Olson, Ginger Vedder, Kathy Dowdell (voted), Cindy Gulledge, Arthur Taylor, Kelly Sharpe, Lyn Long, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Chris Sharpe, Hattie Alvis, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Joe Gulledge, Pat Meadows (proxy for Marilyn Johnson), Michael Freeman (Chair-Elect), Jennifer Holt (Chair), Joseph Ellis (Immediate Past Chair). Also in attendance new representatives for 2014: Lauren Einhorn, Tanya Stringer, and Donna Childers.
Representatives absent:
Leigh Ballard (excused), Melinda Sanders, Charles Ciocco, Paul Barringer, Pat Stapler, Jeanetta Felton.
Call to Order:
Meeting called to order with welcome by Chairperson Jennifer Holt at 9:35AM.

General Session handed over to Michael Freeman (Membership/Chair-Elect), who provided the information about the agenda and the election for Chair-Elect. Mr. Freeman noted that a quorum had been obtained (50%+1) for a vote. Mr. Freeman announced the names of the two candidates and what unit they were from and allowed the two candidates (Althea Tate and Arthur Taylor) to pick who would present first prior to a vote. Althea Tate chose to start off. 

Althea provided a brief presentation explaining her time at Auburn and what she would like to accomplish if she were elected. She began by laying out her timeline at AU, beginning as a ticket writer under the former campus police department (now Parking Services) and how she ended up in an office setting after an accident while working as a parking attendant. Althea then spoke of how she would lead and highlighted some key bullet items led by the creation of a leave bank for those who find themselves out of work because of illness/accident but no longer have enough leave time to get them through their situation. This leave bank would allow leave to be donated to a central storage area so that individuals, who meet criteria, could take advantage of the donated time. Althea also campaigned on leadership and continued involvement by Staff Council with representatives and constituents. 

Arthur Taylor gave a brief presentation that began highlighting his personal endeavors in his community and church; holding positions as deacon and the community watch captain in his hometown of Camp Hill. Mr. Taylor transitioned into his work experience, beginning as a painter with his dad at age 12 while also learning how to do other things such as wood working/carpentry and electrical. Mr. Taylor has been at Auburn as a painter for many years which has led him to become a manager over at the paint shop in Facilities Division. Mr. Taylor moved into his goals and vision for Staff Council as chair to include an emphasis on teamwork, communication, cooperation, forward thinking, and progression towards a better campus environment for our students which allows their parents to feel more comfortable about their kids coming to Auburn University for their education. Mr. Taylor reinforced the idea of the Auburn Family and how we must insure that our group within that family is well represented and noticed for the work that we do. 

Mr. Freeman regained the podium and called for a vote, via secret ballot, on which candidate the staff council would like to see as the new chair-elect. The vote was cast, received, and counted by Sue Olson and James Lyons of the Membership Committee. The winner, by a majority vote of 13-7 (20 ballots cast) was Arthur Taylor. Mr. Taylor will begin his term as chair-elect on July 1st, 2014. 

The second half of the session focused training and input from the council. It began with the first page of the current Staff Council By-Laws and how they are upheld. Mr. Freeman highlighted the Charge, detailed in Section I, and Section II, General Organization. Mr. Freeman will use portions of each General Session to revisit portions of the By-Laws to help representatives better understand the role and importance of Staff Council to their constituents. 

Mr. Freeman also discussed some of the items that were being presented in committee that may effect staff on campus. Questions were taken and discussion exchanged between members on how we may want to move forward on topics that were voted into effect. 

Mr. Freeman also laid out the course of action on a Staff Council Orientation program in July (aprox. the 24th) that will last 4 hours and involve past chairs of Staff Council. The orientation will consist of an agenda that will provide information on representative expectations, staff council and standing university committees, the role of the steering committee, grievance policy and committee, objectives and goals for 2014-2015, the history of the blue ribbon committee (now known as staff council) and the positives that have come from it, and a panel question and answer. 


In closing, Mr. Freeman opened the floor for questions. Hollie Lee requested that we do a better job with communicating the positive of staff council and exchanges from the group led to adding a historical component to the orientation. Ms. Lee was thanked by Mr. Freeman and advised that the Steering Committee should look into this and insure that this information is shared with staff and the campus community. 

Staff Council General Session adjourned at 10:55 am. 


Minutes for the Meeting on March 25, 2014
Student Center, Room 2326

Representatives present:
Althea Tate, Chris Sharpe, Kelly Sharpe, Michael Freeman, Jennifer Richardson, Joey Ellis, Ginger Vedder, Hollie Lee, Sharron Barney, Sue Olson, Arthur Taylor, Melinda Sanders, Lyn Long, Mary Sinnott, Jan Casson, Marilyn Johnson, Pat Stappler, Yvette Rivera, Helen Kirk, Cindy Gulledge, Joe Gulledge, Hattie Attis, Charles Ciocco, Kathy Dowdell, and James Lyons.
Representatives absent:
Charlene Thomas, Wesley Henderson, Jeanette Felton, Paul Berringer, Faith Malloy, Leigh Ballard, and Carol Lovvorn.
Call to Order:
Jennifer Holt called the meeting to order at 9:00AM.

Dr. Jay Gogue was our first guest speaker. After a formal introduction by Chairperson Holt Dr. Gogue began his presentation talking to Staff Council about where Auburn is today in terms of mission and where we may be headed in the future, citing changes in Washington D.C. in terms of direction and where the Federal Government would like to see higher education and how it is delivered. He spoke of how the Federal Government is looking at ways to increase access to public universities for students who may not always bring the highest credentials in comparison to their counterparts. He cited a couple of reports put out by the Department of Labor and Statistics where they compared educational success with economic outcomes for families. A clear indication can be made that people with an undergrad, graduate, and doctorate average an unemployment rate of less than 3% (combined). 

Dr. Gogue also spoke about some possible changes (based on passage of legislation in the statehouse) in the bid cap being changed from $7,500 to $15,000 and a possible, yet slight increase in funding from the state to AU in the coming fiscal year. Dr. Gogue tied this in with how the university operates in terms of budgets and how money is allocated within the university structure. The current legislative session is slated to end on April 7th. He also spoke of the new health and wellness kitchen that will open in the fall (open to students, faculty, and staff) where the food items will be prepared based on dietary need in relation to diet plans prescribed for athletes, as well as students, faculty, and staff. The food is to be color coded based on the type of diet someone is on. 

The president finished his presentation by opening the floor up for questioning. Several members of Staff asked questions on various topics, including the recent news of an apparent breach of cyberspace at the College of Business. Dr. Gogue expressed his understanding of the incident, which happened in the fall of 2013. Cyber protection services from Experian (through Auburn University) are available to anyone who may have been affected by the breach (for up to one year) at no cost. 

Staff Council Officers thanked Dr. Gogue for speaking to the group. 

Chair-Elect Michael Freeman welcomed Coach Scott Foxhall (Pitching Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for AU Baseball).

Coach Foxhall spoke to the group about the current progress that AU Baseball is making and how important it is to the program that the Auburn Family be proud of the team that the staff is putting on the field. He referenced how important it is for AU Baseball to provide the community with a successful program where the AU spirit is shared. He used a story about how his kids have grown up knowing nothing but Auburn and even how they have become ingrained with the traditions of AU since he and his wife moved here with the previous staff several years ago. He welcomed everyone to come out and support the AU Baseball team as they take on Missouri on ESPN this coming Thursday at Plainsman Park. Coach Foxhall did an outstanding job and we are very fortunate to have him as part of our AU Family. 

Chair-Elect Freeman closed the session with providing information on the upcoming elections in April for Staff Council and the call for nominations for the new Steering members and Chair-Elect. The schedule is as follows:

April 7th: Call for nominations for Staff Council seats and Steering. 
April 18th: Closing for nominations. 
April 21st-25th: Membership Committee will review Steering and Chair-Elect Nominations
April 28th: Elections begin for Staff Council Representatives
May 7th: Elections Close for Staff Council Representatives
June (TBD): Elections for Steering and Chair-Elect at General Session. 

Jennifer Holt adjourned the meeting at 10:38am. 


Minutes for the Meeting on December 3, 2013
Student Center, Room 2310

Representatives present:
Jennifer Richardson Holt (Chair), Michael Freeman (Chair-Elect), Joseph Ellis (Past Chair), Charles Ciocco, Althea Tate, Mary Sinnott, Jan Casson, Faith Malloy, Ginger Vedder, Arthur Taylor, Kelly Sharpe, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Pat Stapler, Sue Olson, Yvette Rivera, Joe Gulledge, Marilyn Johnson, Cindy Gulledge, Chris Sharpe.
Representatives absent:
Carrol Lovvorn, Leigh Ballard, Melinda Sanders, Paul Barringer, Kathy Long, Wesley Henderson, Jeanetta Felton.
Call to Order:
Jennifer Holt

Welcome provide by Jennifer Holt and Michael Freeman

Speakers for the session introduced prior to their engagement.

Linda Maxwell Evans, Auburn University Human Resources

Ms. Evans spoke to us about the grievance process and the possibility of a training program for those who serve on the grievance committees for Staff Council and A&P along with what determines a grievance. A member of the university staff has 45 days to submit a grievance from the date the act or termination occurred. The grievance committee chair has 10 business days to respond to the filing and determines whether or not the act warrants a grievance hearing.

Kevin Coonrod, Auburn University Ombuds Office

Mr. Coonrod opened and came to us as the new Ombudsman for AU. He spoke of how his office is available to anyone on campus who needs an independent ear to listen to issues they may be facing in the workplace or beyond. He spelled out his responsibility to the employees on campus and related his work to the following:

-His office is and alternative for procedural directive

-Always a neutral party

-Conflict resolver

-Asounding board

-Provides mediation

-Confidential unless there’s a threat to person or property

-Non-judgmental and informal

-Case by case follow ups

He hopes to start up a training program soon.

Announcements: Website changes and Communications are coming to help get the word out about Staff Council and all things related to the staff at AU. We hope to streamline how information is obtained by staff through the website and mass email. There may be a need for printed announcements in some area for display.

Employee Assistance Program looking to include Mental Health as part of the AU insurance plan.

Open Floor

Meeting Adjourned


Minutes for the Meeting on September 10, 2013
Student Center, Room 2310

Representatives present:
Jennifer Richardson, Michael Freeman, Althea Tate, Leigh Ballard, Mary Sinnott, Jan Casson, Melinda Sanders, Ginger Vedder, Kathy Dowdell, Arthur Taylor, Kelly Sharpe, James Lyons, Sharron Barney, Hollie Lee, Pat Stapler, Sue Olson, Yvette Rivera, Charleen Freeman-Thomas, Joe Gulledge, Cindy Gulledge, Chris Sharpe, and Hattie Alvis.
Representatives absent:
Carrol Lovvorn (Leave), Charles Ciocco, Faith Malloy (Medical Leave), Paul Barringer, Wesley Henderson, Jeanetta Felton, Joey Ellis (Leave), and Marilyn Johnson (Medical Leave).
Call to Order:
9:30am - Michael Freeman

Welcome: Jennifer Richardson-Holt

Introduction of the new Staff Council Representatives: Jennifer Richardson-Holt and Michael Freeman. New Representatives for 2013-2016 are: Faith Malloy, Ginger Vedder, Cindy Gulledge, Joe Gulledge, Leigh Ballard, Sharron, Barney, Hollie Lee, Pat Stapler, and Yvette Rivera.

Introduction of Steering Committee Candidates: Michael Freeman
Candidates spoke for 5 minutes each to outline their desire and wish to be on the Steering Committee. We had four candidates vying for four spots on Steering. With the lack of more than four candidates a motion was presented to allow the seating of the four candidates to the four openings by Mary Sinnott. A second was made by John Lyons. All members present voted to seat the new candidates to Staff Council Steering Committee by way of open vote. All voted in favor, with non opposed, and motion carried to seat the four new members of the Steering Committee. They are:

Althea Tate
Faith Malloy
Kelly Sharpe
Charlene Freeman-Thomas

Staff Update by Jennifer Richardson-Holt. Mrs. Holt advised that the Insurance and Benefits Committee voted in favor of keeping the current insurance rates for 2014. The Committee is looking at some possible improvements to the current healthcare plan without losing grandfather status as deemed in the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Mrs. Holt reminded everyone of the Healthy Tigers Program and Leigh Ballard provided a reminder about the Faculty/Staff Pharmacy. 

Benefits Fair at the OIT Building on November 13th and 14th. 

Remainder of the meeting provided an opportunity for an open floor session. Areas of concern were presented by Staff Council Representatives so that the Steering members could take note and use the information for future conversation and policy pushes. The Grievance process was also discussed to allow members a chance to get an idea of how it works. Mr. Freeman gave an overview of how the process works and it's relation to the Auburn University Handbook. Going forward Mr. Freeman will break the process apart and provide a more in depth look at a grievance at Auburn University. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:45am. 


Minutes for the Meeting on June 4, 2013
Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Joey Ellis

Breakfast provided by Staff Council Steering.


Joey Ellis opened the meeting by going over information related to staff and staff council. Mr. Ellis provided and update on the Ombuds search that is ongoing. Also discussed in the opening was the transition of the new Chair, Ms. Jennifer Richardson. He also noted that there was only one candidate for Chair-Elect and that is Mr. Michael Freeman. 

Jennifer Richardson spoke on her role as new Chair and what she hopes to accomplish in the 2013-2014 Academic Year. Her main goals are to provide leadership for Steering, represent staff in a clear and concise manor, and advance the needs and welfare of staff. 

Mr. Ellis introduced Mr. Freeman as the new Chair-Elect by way of running unopposed. 

Mr. Freeman spoke to the group on what his goals were as Chair-Elect, including the filling of several openings coming up on Staff Council and the Steering Committee. He also made clear his personal mission as Chair would be to represent the staff as his first priority. Mr. Freeman believes in a true representative style of leadership when elected to a post. Mr. Freeman also provided a biography of himself using a presentation and opened the floor for questions. Mr. Freeman was asked why he didn't have a set of goals for when he becomes Chair, and his answer was that with the changing climate with the new healthcare law, and other issues on the horizon, he couldn't state a definite set of goals for 2014-2015 just yet. He did state that once his duties as Chair-Elect take shape he would present a clear objective for his tenure as Chair in the late winter General Session. Mr. Freeman felt it would be premature to set goals that may not be reasonable next year. 

Mr. Ellis thanked everyone for their support while Chair. He also thanked members who were there to represent their areas. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:25am


Minutes for the Meeting on October 17, 2011
Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Nakeisha welcomes representatives and calls meeting to order at 9:02 am. Nakeisha introduces first guest Karla McCormick Executive director of employee benefits.

Karla gives a review of employee benefits and reminds representatives that open enrollment is November 1st-30th. Karla announces a Benefit fair Nov 7th-8th @ the OIT building. Reps from the various employee voluntary retirement plans will be on hand to assist employees with any questions or assistance they may need concerning their retirement plans. It is also announced that Healthy Tigers will be on hand to do health screening for the healthy Tiger discount. Karla announces several changes to Employee health insurance plans. There have been two tiers added to employee insurance benefits. The new tiers are employee & spouse and employee & child.  The new tiers will allow employees to pick a plan to better match their needs.  For those that have employee @ spouse or family coverage in which a spouse is a dependent on employees insurance,  the spouse must also have a health screening to receive the 25 dollar a month insurance discount.  Karla announces that as of December 31st Auburn will no longer administer payroll deductions for AFLAC cancer insurance policies. Colonial will accept AFLAC if you decide to change over.  Flexible Spending accounts have to re-enroll during open enrollment. No new debt cards will be issued; employees   will be able to use existing debt cards. Karla announces a new policy of dependent verification for employees having dependents on their insurance.  The audits will begin in the second quarter.  Karla announces voluntary retirement match will no longer be capped per pay period. This will allow employees to receive the matching benefit faster depending on the employee’s contribution percentage.    Karla also announces that once vested always vested for those employees that leave and return that had been previously vested.

Kathy Bugs from Budget Services was the second speaker.  Kathy reviewed and confirmed the one time salary supplement.  The allocation for each department of 2% of eligible employee salaries was sent to each department. The supplement will be Merit based.  Supplements could range from 0% to 6%.  Employees should receive letter around November 11th and checks should go out December 7th.  Supplements are subject to deductions. 

Tammy Hollis of Health Tigers was the final speaker.  Tammy announces that there are several clinics on campus and directed employees to Healthy Tigers website for announcements and times available for screening.  Tammy also announced smoking cessation drive “packet up” to be held November 17th in the Student Center.


Minutes for the Meeting on June 29, 2011
Student Center, Room 2223

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:

Nakeisha Janigan welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the first speaker.
Karla McCormick, Executive Director of Employee Benefits, spoke to the group about the following changes to our Teachers Retirement policy:  


  • Currently AU employees pay 5% of their salary into the TA account.   As of October 1, 2011, that will increase to 7.25%.  In October 2012 it will increase again to 7.5%.
  • Changes to the state insurance plan for retirees (peehip) will take effect on January 1, 2012.  Changes include “years of service” and “retirement age”.  If an employee retires with less than 25 years of service, then there will be a 4% increase to the insurance premium for each year less than 25.  If an employee retires with 25 years of service, but is less than 65 years old, a 1% increase to the premium will be added for each year the employee is younger than 65.
  • If any AU employee retires before December 31, 2011, this will not apply.  Those that wish to apply for retirement before the new changes take affect, must have their application in to Payroll and Benefits by October 29, 2011.
  • DROP participants that retire when they come out of DROP, this will not apply to them.  However, if an employee comes out of DROP and continues to work…all of the above will apply.
  • Contact Payroll and Benefits at 844-4183 with any questions.

Brian Elmore from Payroll and Benefits spoke about the proposed salary increase that is before the Board of Trustees.  This proposal will be on the agenda for a vote at the September 2011 meeting.  The salary increase proposal has two parts to it:  

  • First is a 3% permanent raise.  This will be based on merit and will reflect the employee’s 2010 performance evaluation.  Each department will receive a 3% pool of their base salaries and then be able to award individuals with a salary increase ranging from 0-6%.
  • The Second phase to the proposal is a 2% one-time salary supplement.  Much like last years supplement, it will be merit based and reflect the employee’s 2010 performance evaluation.  Each department will receive a 2% pool of their base salary funding and be able to award individuals with a ONE TIME SALARY SUPPLEMENT ranging from 0-6%.

Michael Freeman presented the findings to the AU Staff Council survey and voting results for the proposed Smoke Free Campus Policy.  For the survey, 650 staff members participated with 63% being in favor of moving to a smoke free campus.  A vote among the Staff Council Representatives gave close to the same results…60% in favor-40% not in favor.


Minutes for the Meeting on October 7, 2010
Student Center

Representatives present:
Representatives absent:
Call to Order:
Chair Joel Hunter called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM. He thanked everyone for their attendance to our meeting.

Joel addressed the one-time salary supplement of 0-6% with a 4 % pool going to each area. He said that it would be based on our 2009 evaluation and we should see this at the beginning of December. He introduced our three speakers: Teresa Coker from Payroll and Benefits, Jim Wohl from the Office of the Ombudsman, and Kathy Kyle from the Harrison School of Pharmacy.

Teresa Coker gave a presentation on Open Enrollment with new changes and covered our retirement options.

Jim Wohl presented the history of the Ombudsman, the conflict tornado, and reviewed the

2008-2009 Ombuds Report: Executive Summary (pdf)

Kathy Kyle covered the Health and Medication Monitoring Services provided by the pharmacy students and how we could benefit from this program. These services are free. They offer blood pressure checks and blood sugar checks between doctor visits, assistance with following medication schedules and health information, filling pill boxes, and meet with you one on one in your home. Contact information for Kathy Kyle is 334-844-8345 or


Our meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM.


Minutes for the Meeting on March 25, 2009
Student Center, Room 2223

Representatives present:
Carrie Buchannon, Brenda Brown, Christine Bradshaw, Judie Brown, Amanda Carr, Renaya Carter, Denise Cooper, Karie Dalton, Joseph Ellis, Jeanetta Felton, Chris Ferrell, Clayton Floyd, Nakeisha Hicks, Sharon Huey, Joel Hunter, Carolyn Jones, Helen Kirk, Donna Lofaso, Valerie Morns-Riggins, Susan Olson, Brenda Ray, Jennifer Richardson, Tammy Samabria, Mary Sinnott, Althea Tate, Arthur Taylor, Connie Taylor, John Varner, Amy Wiley and Judy Woodrow
Representatives absent:
Thor Burk, James Gilchrist, Nancy Griggs, Lyn Long (sent substitute ), James Lyons, Wendy Pechman, Regina Peters, Nancy-Ray Monroe, Don Sides, Sharon Storrs and Carolyn Watson-Cox
Call to Order:
Valerie Morns-Riggins, Chair of the Council, opened the meeting at 9:35 a.m. with greetings and announcing other Officers – Judy Woodrow, Chair Elect, and Wendy Pechman, Immediate Past Chair. She thanked everyone for attending and then introduced the first speaker.

Guest Speakers –  

Gail Ward – Payroll & Employee Benefit

Topic:  Salary Continuation, Long Term Disability & Disability Retirement

Gail shared a brief presentation that covered AU’s Salary Continuation Plan.  Persons eligible for this benefit are full time employees with one full year of service.  Up to 60% of an employees Basic Monthly Earnings not to exceed $7,000 per month is the coverage.  Employees will continue to receive full pay as long as they have sick leave, use of annual leave is optional.  All sick leave must be used before this benefit can begin.  There is no accrual of annual or sick leave during Salary Continuation.  Six months is the limitation for Long Term Disability, for Auburn University.  If period of disability is less than 30 days the first 5 days are leave without pay.  If the disability lasts for thirty or more consecutive days, the 5-day leave with out pay will be waived.

Auburn University will coordinate your disability payment with other disability benefits you may receive.  Gail stated that all information on these topics can be found on Payroll and Benefits web page, and that she can be contacted directly to answer any questions.  She opened the floor for questions and also left handouts.


Scott Page – Director, Employee Relations

Topic:  Family Medical Leave Act Update

Scott spoke on the most recent changes to FMLA that included a special leave entitlement for Military families.  Eligible employees can take up to 26 weeks of leave to care for a covered service member during a single 12-month period.  Eligibility for FML requires employees to have worked for a covered employer for at least one year and for 1250 hours over the previous 12 months.

FMLA requires employers to provide 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to eligible employees for incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth; to care for the employee’s child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care; to care for the employee’s spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition or for a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform their job.   Employees can take FML and use annual or sick leave to receive payment for time off.  FML does not have to be consecutive days and it is not restricted to 12 weeks per year.  Finally Scott stated that the forms and more information are available on the Human Resources web site.  Time was allowed for questions.


Steering Committee Election

Valerie expressed to the council that there were two vacant positions on the Steering Committee and that an election would be held to fill those seats.  Candidates were Karie Dalton, Vet School; Nakeisha Hick, Forestry and Wildlife Services and Althea Tate, Engineering.  Each candidate was asked to address the council and give a brief bio and tell why they were seeking a position on the committee.  Ballots were passed out and counted.

Karie Dalton and Nakeisha Hicks were elected by majority vote to serve on the Steering Committee.


Chair-Elect Election

Two Steering Committee members, Joel Hunter, Facilities Division and Brenda Ray, RBD Library, were introduced as the candidates for the position of Chair-Elect.  Both candidates addressed the council very eloquently sharing why they felt they should be elected to this seat.  The election was held and Joel Hunter was elected.


Valerie congratulated all the winners and encouraged those that did not win to continue their active roles in the council and consider running again.  She also acknowledged member that are rotating out of office.  Wendy Pechman, Past Chair; Don Sides, Steering Committee; Nancy Ray-Monroe, Representative and Helen Kirk, Representative.  Certificates of Appreciation will be forwarded to each member.


Health and Wellness

Valerie asked Jenny Swaim to give the council an update on health and wellness issues. The daycare committee is continuing to work on a plan for an AU day care facility.  The university has been contacted by a local daycare about taking over their facility.  Jenny stated that Dr. Gouge would possibly be willing to provide land and utilities for a center. 

Scale Back Alabama was a huge success and over 1700 pounds were lost by AU employees.  They are currently looking at making this year round.  It was announced that the Vet School has set up an exercise program for their employees for a nominal fee.  The Wellness committee is working on trying to obtain a discount for AU employees to participate in the Weight Watchers program.


Facilities Division Representative, Renaya Carter asked about help for someone with

issues or concerns with domestic violence among and abuse teens.  She was directed to the Women’s Resource Center on campus.

Valerie also informed the council of the upcoming Women’s Leadership Conference being held March 30-31.


Final Comment from the Chair

Valerie stated that this was her last meeting officiating as chair and that Judy Woodrow would be moving into that position on April 1.  She thanked everyone for the work they had done and for all the support shown to her during her year as chair of the council.

She asked all members to remain after the meeting in order to take pictures for updating the council web page. The floor was opened for final questions and comments.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM


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