Traffic Appeals Boards
Staff Council Committee

The Traffic Appeals Board consists of three boards: Tuesday Traffic Appeals Board, Wednesday Traffic Appeals Board, and Thursday Traffic Appeals Board. The boards shall arbitrate disputes arising from the Auburn Public Safety and Parking Services issuance of parking and traffic citations. The boards shall not arbitrate citations involving moving offenses (e.g., speeding, failure to display signals) which shall instead be referred to the City of Auburn court system. The boards shall fairly and consistently interpret and apply the Auburn University Traffic and Parking Regulations developed by the Traffic and Parking Committee. The boards shall not make regulations nor render engineering/policy decisions. The boards are judicial in character but are encouraged to provide input related to new regulations, or proposed changes of existing regulations, to the Traffic and Parking Committee as they feel appropriate. It is recommended that an appointee to this committee not serve on the Traffic and Parking Committee.

Committee Contact: Althea Tate
Contact's Phone Number: 334-844-5720
Current Members: Jennifer Holt, Donna Childers, Leigh Ballard

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